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Skin care

Skin care

Acne is something that looks awful on anybody. Moreover, it tends to leave behind scars and marks that are quite prominent. But we all want that clean, neat look. Who doesn’t yearn for a flawless skin? But getting that flawless look on your face isn’t that easy. It requires a lot of care and pampering your skin from your end. Something that you will have to completely avoid is straining. That’s because when you strain, the scar will become even more noticeable and the blemish will look big and red. If you certainly have to blow it up, make sure that the area and your fingers are clean. The only good way to deal with the scars and blemishes that the acne leaves back is to just let them heal by themselves. However, to make the healing process quicker, it helps to keep the affected area clean. You may also use a disinfectant over the area will increase the pace of healing it. Using an anti-scar lotion or a cream as prescribed by your physician will be helpful in post inflammatory hyper pigmentation of the skin. In this aspect, you can also go for skin bleaching lotions. A small amount of it has to be rubbed on the affected area twice daily. It is indeed helpful but it takes more than a month to show the effects.    

Moisturizing your skin adequately and protecting it from the harsh rays of the sun is helpful in dealing with acne problems. Sunscreen lotions with SPF 30 are to be applied on the face and body for protection against the sun. Triple antibiotic ointments are also helpful in fading away the scars. It has to be applied overnight but putting too much of it can make the skin over oily. And as we all know, when the skin gets too oily, it aggravates the acne problems further. To get rid of the scars and blemishes, you can also try washing your face with hydrogen peroxide water or oxygenated water as it is widely known. But you should keep in mind that it tends to whiten the skin color. You will see a small difference between your natural skin color and the color of the skin to which it is applied. But it is nothing to be worried about, as the difference will not be visible the next day. Hydrogen peroxide leads to cancer, a widespread myth or truth! Its use must be limited since unsure.  

Certain tips should be incorporated by each one of us to avoid the pimples leaving behind scars and blemishes. Avoid touching your face, especially the affected area. This is because hands will transfer additional oil, germs and also heat to the infected area. The anti allergy powder Neosporin is ideal for speeding up the healing time. A Neosporin scar solution is also available in the market now days. For those of you who want to go it the natural way, you can try yoghurt. Plain yoghurt helps fade away the scars. Apply it to your face twice daily for best results. It will not only moisturize your face, but also purify it and your skin will heal at a much faster pace. Aloe Vera and vitamin C are also known to be helpful indeed. Taking vitamin C supplement taken orally really works well. It is my personal experience! Using lemon directly or as juice form also helps in fading the scars and blemishes. However, lemon causes the skin to dry. It should always be applied along with a moisturizer before going to bed. But don’t apply too much moisturizer as it will block your pores and aggravate the acne and skin problems. It is a myth that tooth paste works on scars. It actually irritates the skin and ends up making it further more reddish in color. It is my own personal disaster with tooth paste, so all you people beware! 

It is important that you don’t meddle with ruptured acne. Even if the acne ruptures on its own, please meet your dermatologist. Bleeding and excessive acne is a sign of infection and allergy. It isn’t natural and thus requires immediate treatment. After all it is the matter of your face and who doesn’t yearn for a flawless skin. Popping the zits will aggravate the acne problems, please understand this. Acne is caused due to infection, mostly bacterial. Hence picking at those nasty scars will only make it worse! 

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