Skin Kiss: The World’s First Fake Tan Tights – A Waste of Money?

No it’s not April Fools Day and yes you have read that title correctly. Skin Kiss have perfected the worlds’ first pair of fake tan producing tights. And with the application of fake tan so time-consuming and messy, this innovative idea could really take off.

Imagine the ease of simply pulling on a pair of tights and in less than two hours you have a pair of perfectly bronzed legs? Sound to good to be true?

How does Fake Tan Tights works?

The way the tights work is that they have microfibres that are already impregnated with a tanning solution. When this solution comes into contact with your skin, the tanning agent starts to develop leaving your legs perfectly bronzed. The tanning solution is made up of DHA, Aloa and Erythrulose which all help to produce an even and long-lasting glow.

The erythrulose tanning agent produces a longer lasting sunless tan and the perfect balance of DHA, Aloa and other proprietary ingredients work together to leave a smooth and even tan. The Skin Kiss eight denier tights are sold exclusively at the online retailer Tightsplease.co.uk and are priced at £7.99.

It appears from the blurb however, that you can only use the tights once for tanning, and then once you’ve used them to tan, the tights should be washed leaving you with a pair of ordinary sheer 8 denier tights. So if this is true, are they worth the money? I think it depends on the quality of the tights.

Before and After wearing Fake Tan Tights by Skin kiss

If they are made of the best quality material and will last you a good few months at least, then yes, as a temporary fix to wear before you go out somewhere special then maybe. But think about it; if you want tanned legs for going out, you are not likely to then cover them up with a pair of tights. And if it is winter, you are equally not likely to go outside without wearing a pair of tights so if they are covered up, no one will see your tanned legs anyway.

Likewise, if it is summer, and the weather is warm, you will probably not want to stick on a pair of Skin Kiss tights for two hours in the hot weather, just to get a fake tan on your legs, when it is much easier to just quickly spray your legs for a couple of seconds before you go out. So all in all, in my opinion I cannot see the point in them.

Putting on fake tan can be as messy as you make it to be honest. Most of the sprays these days are very easy to use and come out in a fine mist of a diffuser so what is messy and complicated about that? And as for it taking hours, well organise yourself so that the tanning time required is incorporated well before you are due to go out. Because, let’s face it, spraying or applying a cream takes minutes at best.

For those who are interested in buying the Skin Kiss tights, here’s the link and blurb:
Skin Kiss Fake Tan Tights £7.99

Tightsplease Skin Kiss Fake Tan Tights £7.99

Time tight for tanning your legs?Want to reduce the mess and time of applying fake tan? Try these revolutionary Skin kiss tights which are impregnated with fake tan using patented technology. Simply slip the tights on and leave for 10 minutes, once removed you will be left with gorgeous tanned legs.

No more orange palms, patch ankles and stained carpets! With Skin Kiss tanning tights you can welcome gorgeous, bronzed legs in no time at all. Plus you will also receive a pair of plastic gloves with your order to minimize stained hands.

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