Six Things To Try If You’re Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Being a new parent can be a very scary time in a person’s life. There are a ton of new skills to learn, safety measures to put in place and responsibilities to face. All your friends and family members are going to tell you to prepare for never sleeping again and for a lot of diapers. But when it truly comes down to it, what can you do when you’re faced with a baby who won’t stop crying. Here are a few tips to get you on your path to some quiet.

Check The Big Three

When it comes to a baby there are three things that should always be checked when they are crying, even if you feel you have just checked them moments ago and if you think there’s no way they could use attention there. Of course the first is their diaper. Whether or not they’ve passed a sniff test or you have just changed them out of a wet one, change the diaper to see if this will calm them down. Do a check for diaper rash and provide whatever remedy you’re working with if you have problems there. Offer them some nourishment. Whether they look hungry, you’ve just fed them or they refused the last bottle you will do well to check and see if they are in the mood for some food now.

Finally, the third part of the trifecta is to see if burping soothes them. Rocking and softly patting and rubbing their back can often release a gas bubble that may have been bothering them for some time. Once you’ve gone through all the obvious necessities and your little one is still not comforted it’s time to try a few other things.

Check For A Fever

Many parents may act like you can easily tell if your child has a fever or not. The safest way to know is to take their temperature and see. If you’re baby has been crying for some time and you’re having a hard time comforting them you will want to make sure they don’t have a temperature before moving on to seeing if there are other problems.

Check Their Clothes

If you’ve gone through all the big areas and things still haven’t settled down it’s time to consider if an article of clothing isn’t fitting well. There may be a string that has gotten wedged somewhere or a toe that is cramped in a shoe. Many parents will inform you they knew someone who’s little one had been crying and there was one of mom’s long hairs wrapped around a teeny toe almost cutting the circulation off. You won’t want to miss something like this. If you feel there is nothing with their wardrobe that could be making hem uncomfortable or upsetting them then you’ll want to also make sure they are neither too hot nor too cold. It can be easy to put too much clothing on an infant hoping to keep them warm. The truth is most experts agree they should be dressed similar to us when in the home.

Turn Something On

We know everything is okay with our baby but they still won’t seem to calm down. If this is the case you may want to try some of these tried and true methods: Consider taking baby for a short drive as many parents have gotten their little one to sleep this way. Do a little vacuuming in the same room as baby. The noise seems to soothe them and offer comfort. Finally, try putting them in their crib and running a hair dryer nearby. The noise often puts them to sleep. 

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