Six of the Best Organic Spa Products

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We are certainly not getting the beautifully sunny weather that June typically promises are we? With this in mind, many people are getting their inner calm sorted by popping off to a spa. But what do you do if you cannot afford spa prices? You buy the products of course. Nowadays many spas offer their products to the public so that you have a spa experience in your own home, and it is these products we are concentrating on today. We are exploring the best spa products for your skin, the ones that use organic ingredients.

  • Eminence Sugar Scrub Body Trio – $40

Eminence Sugar Scrub Body Trio - $40Beloved by the likes of Cameron Diaz, Eminence Sugar Scrub Trio contains Coconut, Pomegranate and Blueberry scrubs to buff and smooth dry skin. This trio pack is ideal for travelling and leaves your skin silky soft and moisturized.

From: eminenceorganics.com

  • Made for Life Organics – Body Balm – £45

Made for Life Organics – Body Balm - £45If you have worrying stretch marks, uneven skin tone or unsightly lumps and bumps, this body balm is for you. Contains luxurious plant oils including carrot and rosehip which are full of Vitamin C, and Gotu Kola which works to feed the skin and help restore elasticity and repair any damaged tissue.

From: madeforlifeorganics.com

Ila – Cleansing Bath Salts - £49

A favourite from Gwyneth Paltrow, who doesn’t put her name to just any old product, these salts are perfect for those who want to detox their skin, or for anyone who is stressed out or tired. They help to restart a sluggish circulation, eliminate toxins and reduce swelling.

From: ila-spa.com

Neom – Moment of Calm Candle - £45

Neom are a leading name in organic spa products, and specialise in all kinds of products, but we love their candles the most. Smelling the scent from a Neom candle is the first sign of relaxation in our minds and signifies the next few hours are just for you. Founder Nicola Elliott agrees, saying: “Wellbeing is fundamentally about looking after yourself and feeling the best that you can feel,” and describes their candles as ‘therapeutic treatments’ that release no toxins, just gorgeous, natural oils to help you relax and recharge, wherever you are.


  • A Little Pot of Heaven ® Eye Cream 25ml – £38.00

A Little Pot of Heaven ® Eye Cream 25ml - £38.00

This eye cream has not only won a prestigious Best of Beauty 2016 award from the Biteable Beauty Awards, but it is also used on the set of TV’s Downton Abbey. Contains natural anti-oxidants and help to brighten the area around the eye and to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.  

From: spafabulousorganics.co.uk

  • Ishga Scottish Seaweed Collection – from £15 – £70

Ishga Scottish Seaweed Collection – from £15 - £70You don’t get much more organic than seaweed harvested from the Scottish Hebrides. Known for its detoxifying and anti-ageing properties, due to the high content of natural anti-oxidants, you can find every product under the sun from body wraps to facials.


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