Six of the Best Kites to Fly on the Beach

child on beach flying kite

If you have children and are heading to the beach this summer, one thing guaranteed to bring hours of fun is a kite. You might not know but there are several kinds of kites and it is worth knowing a little about them before you go shopping for one.

Kites are typically a stretched fabric across two or three poles and come in loads of different shapes, including diamonds and triangles.

They work by hitting the wind at an angle and as the kite is held by the rope, it can only go higher. As the angle of the wind and the kite gets smaller the kite begins to hover in the air and this is where the art of flying comes into it.

Box kites stretch their fabric over a ring and are able to catch the wind from any angle whereas parafoil kites are open at the front and fill up with wind creating a structure that is semi-rigid.

Here are the ones we found that hit all the right notes:

Holographic UFO-SAM Kite – £14.08


This kite uses colour and a holographic foil to provide the oohs and aahs. It is called the UFO kite because people have reported they have seen a UFO whenever this kite has been flown in the area! This is not just because of the amazing metallic colours but because of the heights they have been able to reach.

From: cochranes.co.uk

New Tech Kites Pirate Ship – £73.60


This might be a little tricky to assemble but once you have it will provide endless fun. It is more than a kite, it is an actual pirate ship, complete with rigging and sails and once you have mastered ‘sailing’ it in the sky you can even add blue streamers to the end which make it look like it is crossing the ocean.

From: amazon.co.uk

Prism Stowaway Parafoil – £24.99


These are spectacular and super easy to fly. They have a 20ft long tail which looks amazing in the air, and also makes them very easy to get going. All you do is unfurl the kite from the pouch and let the air fill the canopy and away you go. Comes in three different sizes to suit all ages.

From: kiteworld.co.uk

Brookite Jetstream Sport Kite – £43.80


This is not a kite for beginners although it is easy to assemble. Has a dual line made from spinnaker nylon and the ergonomic design cuts through the air with ease and speed. If it does crash to the ground it is sturdy enough to withstand any damage.

From: brookite.com

15m Black Paul Giant Octopus Kite – $175.50


This is an American product but they do offer free shipping to the UK. This is an amazing kite and could scare small animls! It is 15metres long and looks incredible in the sky. Honestly you’ll think aliens have landed and taken over.

From: aliexpress.com

Treczoks Cody Box Kite – £250.47


If you are really into your kites you would have heard of the European master kite builder Lutz Treczoks. This is a classic and built to his exacting standards. Hard to assemble and you will have to know what your ‘ground stake scheme’ when launching it (obviously if you don’t know what we are talking about then do not buy this kite).

From: amazon.co.uk

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