Simple Ways to Make Your Own Child’s Clothes

Sewing really has gone out of vogue, but with resurgences in Continental Europe it’s only a matter of time before it comes back into style here in the UK. And with these handy tips to making your own child’s clothing you could well be in the vanguard when it does!

It can be very daunting to consider making your own child’s clothes, but if you consider one fact very carefully, you’ll feel better: it is okay to make mistakes. You needn’t force your child to wear clothing simply because you’ve made it, and should things go dreadfully wrong then you can simply chuck the results aside and make another, hoping for a better result. Sewing is an area where you definitely learn by doing, so get stuck in!

Patterns can be expensive, but look around eBay for cheapies. Also consider your child’s old, worn clothes. Even trousers or shirts your child has outgrown can serve as substitute patterns; simply unpick the stitching using a seam-ripper and use the resulting components as prototypes. You draw them slightly bigger, as required, and voila: a brand-new item comes into being. Simply remember how they fit together and be prepared to chuck an initial failure before meeting success on a subsequent go!

Sewing machines cost a bomb, but really and sincerely consider an older model. Older sewing machines, built in the seventies and eighties and even before, can carry quite a lot of punch yet as they were built to truly last. Each family had one and depended on it to an immense degree, and you can often still rely on them. Local sewing machine repair shops can help you if you need a service or a repair, too.

Fabrics are best found online, where there is a huge amount of choice. eBay will help again, and shops such as Fabric Rehab can top you up with quirky, beautiful fabrics for a reasonable price.

Remember to buy the right type of fabric for an item of clothing; stretchy jersey, which has to be sewn with a ballpoint needle, for stretchy items, and less flexible cottons, linens and twills for others. You’re sure to find wonderful ways to embellish on the idea of a simple outfit, and your children are bound to relish the personalised clothing you can make for them. You’re bound to save some money, too, so roll up your sleeves and start sewing!

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