Simple Ways to Beat Fatigue Now

Everyone out there has, at one time or another, felt the extremely fatigued and have need of rest. What you eat and how much physical activity you engage in all has an impact on how much energy you have available to you.

Protein Packs a Punch

In the typical food pyramid, protein is included as one of those food groups that you need lesser quantities of. It is true that you need less protein than you do starches but you need to eat a bit of protein with every meal and snack to keep your energy levels high enough. This does not mean a big T-bone steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner though (Unless you split one T-bone between all three meals) but appropriate portions of high quality protein. As an example, just ten almonds constitute a serving of protein and will keep you going just about all day.

Get Up and Get Active

For a super boost of energy, get some exercise. Do something that you are not used to doing – for example: quickly run on the spot for a couple of minutes.

Thump your Chest

Believe or not lightly and rhythmically beating your sternum can stimulate your thalamus and so create a boost of energy for you. Make sure that you breathe properly and do not thump yourself so hard that it bruises. If you are doing it properly, you will hear a drumming sound. Stay Hydrated One of the first symptoms of dehydration is fatigue. Make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Do Something Different

If you find yourself falling asleep whilst reading the month end reports, try snapping you fingers or clapping your hands. This will wake your body up and get it moving.

These are short-term temporary fixes. Of course, in order to completely solve the problem of fatigue, you need to follow the usual guidelines – eat right, exercise and get the right amount of sleep. Interestingly enough, sleeping too much can also cause fatigue. Not everyone needs to sleep eight hours a night. If you getting a good quality sleep for eight hours a night and are still sleepy, first consult your doctor to rule out other problems and then try to cut back on you sleep to see if that sorts it out.

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