Why you shouldn’t buy your wedding dress online

Online shopping has become ever more popular, with experts predicting the demise of the High Street, as consumers take to the internet for convenience, bargains and easy delivery. There are however, some things that should not be purchased online.


Buying wedding dress online good or bad

Take wedding dresses for instance. A wedding day is arguably one of the most important days in a woman’s life, and the wedding dress is centre stage in that day. But higher prices of designer gowns in luxury boutiques and high-end stores are forcing budget conscious ladies to shop elsewhere, and in particular, online.


Wedding Dress significantly not as described

The problem with buying online is that you do not always get what is shown, in fact, sometimes what you do get is vastly different.

Some brides-to-be have been so disappointed that they have taken to social media sites to vent their frustration and distress on what has arrived through the door.

wedding dresses4

Wedding Dress made out of cheap fabric

Many had ordered what they thought were going to be affordable copies of designer dresses, but what they actually received were poorly made gowns using cheap polyester fabric.

One such bride-to-be, Grace Jennings-Edquist, who started a blog on Australian website Mama Mia about her wedding dress horrors, has now been inundated with similar stories from other brides.

One lady who ordered from the same retailer as Jennings-Edquist said:

Ordered a wedding dress…the thing came in made of God knows what for the lining….weighed a tonne! Never have I put anything (except perhaps the dentist’s teeth apron for teeth xrays perhaps) that weighed so much. Trying to get it returned seems to take an act of congress!

The lady then warned other brides-to-be:

That flutter of anxiety may then turn into a sweaty, stomach-turning realisation that you’ve made a huge freaking mistake when the reviews start to include words like “truly hideous dress.

The way the dresses received differed from the actual images portrayed are pretty spectacular, with detailed and intricate beading replaced with cheap applique, shiny cheap polyester instead of pure silk, subtle colours of dusky rose swapped for bright fuchsia, and fitted bodices substituted for ruching.


Returning Wedding Dress bought online

Many dissatisfied ladies asked for their money back, and even though several of the retailers offered a 100% money back guarantee, most were reluctant in refunding. 24AC949900000578-2909093-image-a-9_1421196327347However, not everyone was sympathetic with the women’s plight, as several people made comments that buying cheap gowns and not trying them on beforehand was a recipe for disaster.

wedding dresses2

Others stated that you get what you pay for and the women were responsible for the tacky gowns.

24AC952900000578-2909093-image-a-10_1421196340493Experts in bridal gowns were also keen to express their views, saying that the reason boutiques tended to be more expensive was that there were assistants on hand to advise with fittings and styles. Whilst others suggested buying either a vintage gown and having it tailored to fit, or going to a store such as Monsoon or Debenhams where you could try on several outfits. wedding dressesThe main consensus was that if you buy cheaply online you only have yourself to blame if you get a cheap product.

Source: Mama Mia

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