Should You Wait for Hair Transplants?

The stressful lives we lead today take their toll on our lives and bodies, no matter how young or good-looking we are. Many young men are finding that they are starting to lose their hair at younger and younger ages. Advances in the plastic surgery field have meant that hair transplants are now easier to have done and have a higher rate of success than ever before. Just take a look at Jude Law, Mel Gibson, Matthew McConaughey and Brendan Fraser: they have all gone under the knife and look young and fresh, regardless of their age.

Society places a premium on looks and so many young men turn to hair transplants as a means to combat hair loss. Top surgeon, Dr Bessam Farjo recently told the BBC that hair transplants should be viewed as a last resort option and were not suitable for candidates under the age of twenty-five years old. The problem, he explained, was that when hair transplants were started too early, isolated patches of hair remained when baldness set in – there was no longer anywhere to source hair.

The Alternative to Hair Transplants

Dr Farjo went on to explain that the first step before surgery was to prevent further hair loss. A full medical history is taken and causes such as family history and lifestyle causes should be examined. There must be a full examination into the causes of the hair loss so that different treatment options can be pursued. One of the first things to do would be to monitor the rate of hair loss. This would be affected by recording hair loss over a period of time. The next step would be to see if medication would be an effective option to prevent further hair loss. In general, most surgeons agree with Dr Farjo – the consensus is that you should try to cover the receding hair-line by other methods first. Try hiding the problem by changing your hairstyle.

Prevent Hair Loss

To prevent hair loss in the first place, you need to make some serious lifestyle changes. Although genetics plays a huge roll, there is a lifestyle element as well. Stress and bad eating habits contribute a great deal to hair loss as well. You need to address bad lifestyle habits before they create too many problems. The answer, at the end of the day, is to try as far as possible to prevent hair loss. Hair transplants should be undertaken only after careful consideration.

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