Should All Roads Lead to Rome?

Rome is often touted as the ultimate holiday destination. With gorgeous weather, easy access, and reasonable proximity to the sea, it’s densely packed with beautiful sites and historical significance. But is Rome the right destination for your holidaying needs?

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If you’re looking to dig up some history, then Rome is a virtually inexhaustible treasure trove. From the Coliseum to St Peter’s Cathedral, the Sistine chapel and the Forum, a modern Italian city is interspersed with pieces of ancient history dating thousands of years into the past and lovingly preserved and displayed. The care with which Rome treats its historical sites is incomparable to that shown by other cities, and shines through the entire city like a beacon hailing those who want to experience the past in a way that is only possible in Rome. Don’t forget to take a camera and plenty of memory cards – the city contains an inexhaustible supply of beautiful sights for you to photograph, each more enchanting than the last.

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If you’re in search of good food rather than good history, you too can find what you need in Rome. With its traditional Italian cuisine and a quaint little restaurant on every corner, Rome offers a glorious insight into fine dining in the rustic Italian style. Additionally, there is nothing quite like munching on a cold chunk of coconut from one of the carts dotted around the city, or eating a street-cart calzone with your hands. The restaurants themselves provide a lovely evening activity in introducing you to Italian food of a very different sort from the one we’re used to here, and you will find your every meal inundated with lovely wines, as well.

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If you’re more of a party animal, Rome is perhaps not your cup of tea. While the city is amazing for walking around at night, and while the police have a tendency to be very forgiving of tourists and accept that they make a lot of noise, the number of clubs in the city centre is negligible. Try Ibiza or similar, instead.

A few Rome travel tips:

  • Go in the spring. The weather will be lovely, bordering on a bit hot for English tastes, and the true floods of tourists won’t have arrived yet. This will allow you a bit more freedom of movement.
  • When you take the bus, be aware that there is a problem with people rubbing themselves up against strangers – especially women. Be prepared to have a good old-fashioned shout at these people and they will back down and leave the bus at the very next stop… Or take taxis instead.
  • Sacrifice quality for location. An old-fashioned little two-star hotel near the city centre will see you right, and you’ll be glad to have foregone the five-star place just outside the city.

Enjoy Rome for what it is – a beautiful mixture of historical and contemporary life – and you will never have a better holiday. Enjoy!

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