Shoshanna dress for a special night

Shopping for Shoshanna dresses may require a lot of time to find the classy one but surely you will feel elegant in one of these outfits by Shoshanna. These dresses are available to suit it for any of your occasions, be it the one you are looking for a formal wear for your work place or for a party late night. ‘Shoshanna’; this signature line brings you a variety of bold colors, classic styles onto trendy flowing fabrics, maintaining them simple, yet stylish.

Shoshanna dress for the stylish you!

Shoshanna dress for the stylish you!

The Shoshanna dress collection was evolved by a Manhattan born designer, Shoshanna Gruss, in 1998. She combined her art history background with hands on experience at a lingerie factory, to create her signature line. Her unusual designs and use of bold colors to them inspire and tempt every woman to wear stuff out of her collection. Her designs have been spotted on multiple celebs like Mariah Carey, Lindsay Lohan etc. Her collections have also appeared on actresses of hit movies and TV shows and have also paged up in top magazines too.

Shoshanna dressFor a perfect night out, one could choose the dresses of her latest fall 2011 collection or the Holiday 2011 collection. These collections bring in a variety of dresses. The fall 2011 collection includes elegant turtleneck dresses, sparkling golden and dashing red party frocks, leathered cocktail party floral, or even those pretty solid colored dresses you could pair up with leggings during cold nights. If you are looking for trendier ones, you could choose the flowing multi colored prints of fabrics with daring necklines or even short skirts. If you are looking for something in velvets for your night outs, you are opting for the best for the situation. Velvets are a great choice for night out as they give you the stylish look as well as keep you warm during the cold nights. Other than the velvets, you can find much more in the Holiday 2011 collection, like the lavish materials made out of organza wraps, shimmering satins, eyelet laces etc. Apart from the fabrics, you could choose colors like the grey and black with lace accents, single shoulder necklines, twisted shoulder lines, just to make yourself stand unique from the others. You could even opt for dresses of her previous collections like the white satin maxi, with sparkling stars at the necklines and waistlines, the simple blue colored gowns with cropped shoulders, the simple olive tops paired up with shimmering floras or even those neck less drapes, with ties at the shoulder, completely made in silks. When you plan to make special night outs, always opt for colors like black, blues, darker hues of red, metallic shades or glittering silvers. Always try to avoid glittering golden shades as these appear to be very flamboyant.

Accessorizing your collection of any designer dress, be it the collections from the Shoshanna or else, is very important. When you are choosing dresses for night out your dresses obviously will not be the same casuals, so will bring change in your accessories too. If you are choosing cocktail gowns for your occasion, accessorize them with big metallic pieces of earrings, and likewise if you are choosing light weight maxi or skirts, use thin metallic stuff as your jewelry. You could also use light diamond stuff according to the dress you choose.

Being a fanatic to clothing, I always love to purchase designed or branded attire for myself. It is for sure that when you purchase a Shoshanna collection dress, you are among a good company, and can show off your excellent taste when wearing it.

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