Short Wedding Dresses: a Trend to Follow for Better or Worse

When looking for wedding dresses, many women fall back automatically on the traditional long dress with a lengthy train. While of course, this allows you a princess-like glow that many brides crave, it can also mean an unwieldy dress for your first dance and the rest of your day, and if you’re getting married on a warm day or in a warm venue your legs will get very sweaty and warm. Why not consider short wedding dresses instead, for a less conventional but equally pretty style?

If you hadn’t considered short wedding dresses before, it may seem like a very odd idea indeed; after all, the traditional wedding dress is generally floor-length. But a floor-length dress has many downsides that you may not have considered.

For a start, when you get married you often need to do a lot of walking. Particularly if you plan to get married outside, this can mean your dress will become very dirty at the bottom. Obviously, you may not care if you don’t feel very attached to your wedding dress, but your wedding photos will reflect this dirt and you may well find that this is not something you want. Obviously, if you do plan to keep your wedding dress for posterity, getting mud and dust all over the bottom will not play into your plans. While you can get your dress dry-cleaned, this is an added expense and hassle most people would prefer not to deal with.

Another issue which was touched upon before is the heat. With a floor-length dress, there will be no, or almost no circulation. When dancing – something most brides enjoy at their weddings – you’ll find that this can make your legs feel very warm and uncomfortable over the course of the day. With a short dress, you can expect more circulation; these short wedding dresses needn’t be too short. Even a small amount of space between the hem and the floor allows the air to swirl through, and this will let you be a lot more comfortable down the line.

It is also a lot easier to go to the toilet whilst wearing short wedding dresses, as you needn’t sit around holding up a huge, long skirt. Obviously you will need the loo a few times before you go back to your hotel or out on your honeymoon, and it could well make the difference between a five minute trip to the little girls’ room and a fifteen-minute one.

There are other, perhaps smaller considerations to bear in mind, too. For example, those adorable wedding shoes and perfect stockings you went out and bought? No one will notice whether or not they compliment your overall look in a floor-length dress. Short wedding dresses allow you to show them off and you’ll be able to bask in the knowledge that you’ve shown off your pins quite nicely! This also prevents you from getting tangled up in the hem of your dress, which can lead to costly-to-repair tearing and even a trip up down the aisle.

Many women are concerned that short wedding dresses will make them look cheap or tatty. But short wedding dresses actually allow you to personalise your wedding to a huge degree. Furthermore, you can still have the long train you always dreamt of, or have a shorter dress which does not come above the knees.

The choices in short wedding dresses really are unlimited. Why not consider them as the perfect alternative to floor-length wedding dresses?

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