Shopping trolleys get an up-to-date make over

With more and more people ditching the car for public transport as rising petrol costs force drivers onto buses and trains, the question has arisen of how do you carry all your shopping home with you? Thankfully, a few High Street stores have re-invented the old style shopping trolleys, and brought it bang up-to date with a set of modern prints and graphic designs.

The shopping trolley, once the sole remit of grannies and older housewives, was never seen as a must-have fashion accessory, but as designers get in on the act, many fashionistas are now daring to get their trolleys out and proudly sport them in supermarkets.

In the fashion industry, trolleys have never gone out of style as beauticians and make up artists typically use them to tote around their gear at fashion shows, but now the trend for zany trolleys is taking off, as it appears that demand is growing all round for this hot new fashion accessory.

One store who have caught on early to this growing trend is Debenhams, and they have already posted up a range of top-notch fashion trolleys, which they say is in direct response to customer pressure.

Alice Duggan, Debenhams Head of Home Buying, said: “After being inundated with requests to stock fashion focused “granny shoppers”, we have introduced a range of colourful and chic trolleys that anyone would happily wheel around. The range makes shopping trolleys look more Fearne Cotton than Dot Cotton. Granny chic has reached a whole new level.”

The £60 offerings from Debenhams have a sturdy design with a built-in cooling bag system for chilled and frozen foods, an extendable handle, umbrella pouch and side pockets and with funky designs they are both functional and fashionable.

Debenhams’ range has already been selling particularly well in larger cities such as London, Manchester and Glasgow where fewer people own cars.

Other stores who have latched onto the shopping trolley trend are Argos and John Lewis, who have both launched a collection of pretty and brightly hued trolleys. The Argos trolley range from £18.99 to £44.99, whilst the John Lewis trolleys cost between £25 to £65.

So is this new trend likely to be a flash in the pan, or are people actually buying and using them? Feedback so far suggests that it is young professional city dwellers who are buying up these trolleys, as they insist that by using a trolley they are saving time as they can do the weekly shopping in one go, instead of having to make several trips in the week.

Ikea Shopping Trollies

Ikea Shopping Trolleys

One retailer who has always stocked the humble shopping trolley, although they do market it as a ‘shopping bag on wheels’. is Ikea, who boast the cheapest amongst the trolleys featured today. Their trolleys are currently £18, which is a discounted price, normal RRP is £25.

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