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Seiko Kinetic watch

The stylish Sieko for your hand!

Seiko Kinetic watches are the next innovation this time. With Kinetic Drive, Kinetic Chronograph, Kinetic Perpetual, etc, Seiko watches have redefined the way we see time.

The Kinetic technology is the advancement from traditional quartz and mechanical platforms. It was first introduced by Seiko in 1986 at the Basel fair. Launched under the name “AGM”, it was the first watch around the globe to display time by tapping into unutilized Kinetic movement and converting it into electrical energy, thus making the Seiko Kinetic Watches the most eco-friendly, high performing and long-lasting watches. From its launch, over eight million Seiko Kinetic watches have been sold and the demand keeps on increasing. Seiko Corporation was established in 1881 in Tokyo, Japan. Over the decades it has advanced enormously, making a reliable brand name of itself. Seiko has been the official time-keeper for numerous Olympic events and games all over the world.

The Seiko Kinetic watches are basically powered by the movement of hand and the time when we do not have it on our hand or as Seiko refers “at-rest” operating mode, the watch remains functioning for four years. The various models of the Seiko Kinetic watch range is massive.  From low-budget to luxury, you can find practically any model that suits you the best. Check these out at seikowatches.com

Seiko brand watches are known for their quality and design

Seiko brand watches are known for their quality and design

I have recently bought the Seiko – Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph 9T82 as a birthday gift for my Father. This model has the accuracy and reliability of the Kinetic technology along with the traditional looks of a mechanical watch. This series of Seiko, as I was told by the seller still is at the top on the Kinetic Watches line. This model SLQ003J1 (9T82) is from the 1999 series from Seiko. The top part has a satin finish and the bottom part has a traditional mirror finish.

It has three small dials with seven indicating hands respectively. Around 350 individual components are combined for the thirty-eight jewel movement function. Like most of Seiko watches, it is assembled by hand. With the impressive technology, the movement of the hands is very smooth and the date change is instant. The crystal it uses is Sapphire crystals and is obviously water-resistant like all watches now-a-days.

The “at-rest” operating time is around one month. The thing about this time piece that got me impressed was the traditional feel of its straps. Made of nylon in a carbon fibre pattern, the straps are a dark mahogany colour complementing/matching to the dial itself which is a faded gold finish. It was a rare piece and I got it in a bargain. It did pay off soon as I knew my Father loved it. Whenever He puts it on, he fondly and proudly even, describes about its functions to anyone around. Now he shows it off at parties now, sporting it under his best shirt cuff.

Like my father, there are many Seiko watch lovers who marvel at this perfection of technology. And, why shouldn’t they? The Seiko Kinetic Watches brings the best in technological advancement with the much-needed eco friendliness attitude.

The main models of the Seiko Kinetic Watch are:

  • Spring Drive – Its unique Glide Motion makes it the only watch existing which shows the true nature of time.
  • Sportura – This range was inspired by the performance in motor sports. These are mainly targeted for those who look for performance and durability. These consists of the Kinetic Diver’s, Double Retrograde Chronograph, 1/100th Of a Second Retrograde Chronograph, Alarm Chronograph and Sportura for Women.
  • Premier – The premier collection is classic with a touch of modern appeal. These were designed with the neo-classical architecture in mind. The Premier collection consists of Chronograph Perpetual, Kinetic Perpetual, Alarm Chronograph, Kinetic Chronograph, Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase, Perpetual Calendar, Big Calendar Chronograph and Premier Women.
  • Velatura – The Velatura is targeted for professional and recreational sailors. It consists of Yachting Timer, Kinetic Direct Drive and Alarm Chronograph.
  • Arctura – Arctura is mainly the base design for the Seiko Kinetic Watches since its inception. The design has been inspired from nature elements. This consists of Kinetic and Alarm Chronograph.

Seiko watches are worn by many celebrities including Roger Moore, Sean Connery of the James bond 007 fame and even in the recent thriller “The Bourne Identity” by the character Jason Bourne. So, if you are looking the get “Bourne Ultimatum” look, you know what you should have on your wrist!

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