Shopping for old citizens

People once they grow old, they need assistance in various matters. It becomes difficult for them to go out on their own and do chores. Especially physically strenuous activities stress them out which might be harmful for their help. After a certain age, shopping becomes very taxing. Old citizens become incapable of shopping. Even if they had been terribly fond of shopping in their better days or even if they want to go shopping they are always not able to go and get things for themselves. Sometimes when people work for old age homes are asked to shop for the senior citizens staying there or sometimes one has to go shopping for an old relative. There are some basic things which an old person might require at any point of time. It is best to keep these things in the shopping list for it is best to have these things handy. A standard shopping list for senior citizens should include the following items-

1. Books– With the passage of time, when people grow old they are left with fewer things to do. They have a lot of time to themselves. In fact sometimes it has been seen that people when they have nothing to do, they become depressed and develop various forms of clinical depression. To avoid all these things, when shopping for an elderly person fill up the shopping bag with books of the person in question, interests. These books will surely keep him or her occupied for hours, curing his loneliness or joblessness up to a certain extent.

2. Televisions/ CD Players– Always make sure that old citizens have a television set at their place. The idiot box in spite of its harmful effects can be a real help for the elderly as they can stay in touch with the outside world through. Make sure that newspapers are delivered regularly to them. Put a DVD or a CD player in your shopping list as well. Those who like to watch films or love listening to music will be greatly benefited if these items are present at hand. Also, fill the racks with their favorite collection of films and music CDs.

3. A Walking Cane– Old people due to the less amount of calcium in their bones often complain of terrible foot ache. The pain is such that they sometimes become incapable of walking. They require support then for walking and a walking cane can prove to be extremely beneficial. One can place their body weight on the stick and walk with its help, if need be so.

4. Medicines– With the advent of age, people develop many medical problems. Some come up with heart diseases while others suffer from digestive problems. As age progresses they become less and less immune to viruses as well and have a greater risk of catching infectious diseases. So, it is best to keep some medicines which they require daily and some basic medicines within reach.

The shopping list of every person will vary according to their personal wants and demands, but these are a few basic items which every senior citizen will find to be useful.

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