Shopping and women- the best of friends?

It has been time and again that women simply love to shop, when I say women I mean most women not the entire sex. There are many reasons as to why women simply love to shop. When a man enters a store his immediate impulse is to get out of the store as soon as possible, whereas for women, well let’s just say they like to take their time. It’s all in the psychology and to some extent the pocket. If a woman who loves to shop has a loaded purse, she is undoubtedly the happiest and will immediately embark on a shopping spree! Think of a woman who is depressed. Of all the possibilities she considers to cheer herself up one has to be shopping. Most of the time we find women going out to shop for the entire family. It is not only because they have to but it is also equally true that she loves to! Let us try to figure out why this strong between women and shopping.

The science behind it

This is indeed a fascinating topic for research and serious work is being done in this field. This natural liking for shopping, scientists hope will shed more light on the nature of a woman. In fact a woman is identified by what she shops. Her own mentality is reflected through the items she buys for herself and her home. Women love to shop for their homes as well. This instinct is perhaps there since the beginning of mankind. Men went out to hunt while the women stayed back to tend the children and the house (caves). This instinct we see has not abandoned the fairer sex even to this day. Science has tried to provide a possible answer and they attribute women’s pleasure in shopping to the hormones. No direct connection has as such been established but a study showed that women who were ovulating, with strong doses of the female hormone being released from the pituitary gland had more interest in shopping (especially clothes) than other days of the month. At these points of time women generally shop for sexier items which will complement their appearance. Apart from the hormones the answer lies in the brain as well. Corpus callosum is a tissue which joins the two lobes or hemispheres of the brain has a high level of connectivity. This enables women to be good in multi tasking. They can do plenty of things like evaluating, processing information while selecting the best item to buy. So science show that not only are women hormone driven shoppers but are better shoppers as well.

The mentality

Apart from what science has to say many women are of the opinion that shopping brings out their feminine side. Shopping is something which they simply love! May it be window shopping or buying; shopping gives women an adrenaline rush. This rush is addictive and thus they want to shop more and more every time. Shopping for themselves and others as well is something which women absolutely enjoy.

A dog may be a man’s best friend but shopping surely is a woman’s best friend!

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