Shopped in Ikea? Check your bank balance!

Shopped in Ikea? Check your bank balance!

If you have visited any of Ikea’s stores across the UK recently, you are advised to check your bank statement, as more than 100 customers have been charged twice for the same purchases.

It is thought that due to a computer glitch, many people who bought items from Ikea in the last week or so, may have been double-charged. It appears that the mistake has, so far, affected 102 transactions across all of Ikea’s stores.

The Swedish furniture company admitted that several customers were charged double their expenditure on Thursday 21 July.

Donna Moore, Ikea UK and Ireland customer’s relations manager, apologised on behalf of stores.

“We are actively working with the payment service provider to rectify these transactions as quickly as possible so that those affected will have the duplicate payments released back to them by their banks,” Moore told the Bristol Post.

“We apologise for any inconvenience that this caused and if any of our customers are concerned they are welcome to contact us to discuss the matter,“ she added.

In a separate statement, IKEA said the error was caused by a BT network outage, as reported by Metro newspaper.

A BT spokesman told the newspaper: “[This] seems to refer to an outage last week that affected BT as well as other providers.

“The outage was due to Telehouse North, an internet connection partner in the docklands, suffering power issues. The issue affected less than five percent of BT customers’ internet usage, and we took immediate action to minimise these issues by redirecting traffic.”

Moore confirmed the statement from the BT spokesman: “We can confirm that following a BT network outage on Thursday, which caused a fault on our payment service platform, 102 duplicate payment transactions took place across all IKEA stores in the UK.”

She added that anyone who has been affected by the glitch should get in touch with IKEA’s customer service on 020 3645 0000.

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