Shaving tips for men

Getting that perfect shave!

Beauty and grooming were terms that were synonymous with women till a few decades back. But today these things are what men run behind too. The times are competitive. As the saying goes, “first impression is the best impression”, even men want to look their best and create that everlasting impression!

Gone are the days of the long grown beards, today’s men have become very conscious about getting a clean shaven look. But that’s not all – what today’s metro sexual man wants is the perfect clean shaven look. This is the reason why most men are always on a lookout for tips to get the perfect shave.

For a great shave and a healthier skin, you have to go beyond just gliding that razor over your skin. Today, shaving creams are perhaps the most important tool of a man’s personal skin care kit as these creams facilitate an easy hair removal. Shaving creams have been a ‘necessity’ in today’s times as they account for nearly 30% of the total sales of the personal care segment for men, in India.

Shaving tips: 

  1. Make sure your beard is wet before a shave. A shower before shave could be a better option. If this cannot be done just rinse your face with warm water. Wetting up your beard before a shave makes the hair quiet weak and therefore easy to cut. It is a an important matter of consideration that you shave never shave cold or apply any shaving products on a dry skin as doing this may cause razor burns and shaving rashes.
  2. Always make sure you use a high quality or much preferably, a branded shaving cream. The best shaving creams create a rich creamy lather and do not foam like the cheaper creams. The less foaming in the shave cream, the better the cream is.
  3. A shaving brush is one of the best tools. It does a couple of things. Firstly it helps raise the hair so a clear cut is possible and secondly it helps create a creamy lather of the shaving creamy which stays close to the cream.
  4. Use a quality razor and change the blades more frequently. Also make sure you use sharp blades as dull blades are more traumatic to the skin.
  5. Cleanse and soothe after shaving just by rinsing your face by using warm water and also use an after wash that has high amounts of tea tree oil as this is the best way to cleanse and protect your skin from spots.

DO(s) and DON’T(s):

Before you start to shave, always DO read the instruction manual of the cream you are using for your shave.

  • Use after-shaving lotions according to the sensitivity of your skin.
  • Try using gels, moisturizers and lotions of a branded company.
  • DO use a moisturizer with a sun protection factor built in as these can protect you from the harm of direct sun and wind.
  • DO NOT rush shaving. Take your time.
  • DO NOT shave as soon as you wake up in the morning. This reduces the puffiness in your skin and makes a hindrance to your shave.
  • DO NOT wash your face with cold water prior to a shave as cold water closes your skin pores, making the skin harder and hair rough to cut.
  • DO NOT wash your face with soaps after a shave or prior to them as soaps dry your skin and cause roughness for shaving.
  • DO NOT use alkaline based products and after-shave lotions containing alcohol as these not only cause pain but also leave an itching feel on your skin.

A few warnings:

  • People with sensitive skin may wish to avoid shavings. To overcome the problem of sensitiveness, one may use hypoallergenic moisturizer after the shave.
  •  Consider trimming instead of a shave as it reduces many risks occurred during shaves.
  • Avoid using hot water to rinse off the blades as hot water expands the metal. Instead, cold water contracts the blades and makes it tighter and sharper.

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