Shaving the right way for a Perfect, clean and neat look

Shaving the right way

Shaving the right way

Perfect, clean and neat look is what men prefer.  Men look up to a perfect shave every morning when they start off their day. All they want is a smooth skin with effortless shave. They don’t want any skin rashes, irritation, burning sensation and above all, an improper shave. Most men find it very difficult to get that perfect shave and that perfect look.

It happens because they either don’t know the proper technique of shaving or they end up purchasing improper tools of shaving. Sometimes it also because it’s a routine job and they are tired of doing it every day.  It becomes a routine and men start to avoid the perfection with each passing day, but what they can’t avoid is the skin rashes, irritation and the burning sensation.

Men always want the look and the smooth shave that a barber delivers. However, it’s not an easy task. Barber wraps your face into steamed towel before shaving. This steam makes the hair smooth and manageable. And then it gives a smooth and perfect shave. But who has that much time to sit and wrap their face in hot towel and wait? Not our metropolitan guys for sure!

To get that saloon smooth shave, you have to use good quality shaving products. Using a nice razor, shaving cream and after shave lotion is very important in getting a perfect shave. Throw out your old shaving cream and get something which you are worth. If you use a quality shaving cream, it will give you a smooth shave preventing ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burns and irritation.

The best creams in the market are

Once you choose the right shaving cream, you will need to select the right shaving tools. For a close shave, a good razor is very important. It will avoid all the problems you face while shaving. The best way to increase the life of your razor is to wash it under hot water.

are the other brands that are equally popular.

Electric shavers are easy to use, and they save a lot of your time. Investing in a good shaver is very important. Instead of buying something cheap which will cause you other problems and they will not be durable as well.

Though electric shavers have several advantages, many men like to stick to the classic razor. They are called as safety razor. This safety razor gives close shave and they are actually cheaper than those of disposable razors. Merkur Models are ideal. They have few models, and all of them are good. You can select according to your needs.

Investing once in the best products will give you a longer run. When you use good products, the result automatically comes better. You need to use some skin care products like cleanser, moisturizer and after shave lotion to get that flawless look.

After shave lotion is equally important part of shaving. Shaving can remove up to two layers of the skin. So naturally it will hurt. So using a moisturizer or after-shave lotion is very important to keep you skin smooth and supple. It is equally important to use a good quality product.  After-shave lotions of the moisturizer are designed to regain the moisture your skin looses in shaving, it makes the skin smooth.  Use those products which are not greasy, absorbed quickly and have matt finish, else your face will look shiny. Shiny on men is not a smart thing, so avoid the shiny stuff. Now, choose after-shave smartly, it plays an important role in your looking good and smooth.

Use the best tools for shaving to get the best look in you and kick-start your day by looking smashing! Get that flawless look and make everyone drool over you. Look smart, look smooth.

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