Sexy Halloween Costumes

So ladies, who said that only children can dress up in costumes on Halloween? It might be too late to go knocking on every door in the neighbourhood asking for treats, but you may still organise a fabulous costume party and have fun with your friends. Now, a Halloween party can be a great opportunity for you to show off your body and, why not, impress that cute guy you have been trying to get to ask you out for ages. Here are a few Halloween costume ideas that you should definitely consider if you are planning on throwing or attending a Halloween party.

– Angels and Demons

Angels and demons can be really sexy, as long as they wear sparkly mini dresses, fishnet stockings and 8 inch-stilettos. When you buy a Halloween costume, it is highly likely that you will find a ridiculous wig in the bag.

My advice: please, don’t wear it. If you have long hair, I suggest you straighten it and tease it with a fine-toothed comb. If you have short or medium length hair, get your curling iron out and, once you are done, remember to let the curls set. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing fishnet stockings and stilettos, get yourself a pair of knee boots to wear with your outfit. So, what should you wear to look like a sexy demon?

For a girly look, opt for a sleeveless or one-shoulder mini red dress or, if you prefer, a black mini skirt paired with a red silk top. If you would like to emphasize your curves, replace the mini with a pair of black pleather leggings. At this time of the year, most supermarkets sell Halloween costumes and accessories, including devil horns, tails and angel wings, so accessorising won’t be a problem. If you are planning on dressing up as an angel, all you need is a white mini dress, white gloves, white or beige stilettos, a glittery hair band and, of course, a pair of wings.

Here you will find tons of sexy angel and demon costumes to wear to your Halloween party:


– Oktorberfest (Beer) Girl

Have you ever wondered why men love the Munich Oktoberfest? The answer is pretty obvious: to men, Oktoberfest is a byword for hot German girls serving beer, loads of beer! If you want to make a man happy, all you have to do is put these two things together…so why not dress up as a beautiful wench from Munich?

To look like a proper German beer girl, you will need the following pieces of clothing: a voluminous skirt, a corset, a colourful apron, white stockings or socks and brown knee high boots or black stilettos. Last but not least, do not forget to braid your hair.

Here you will find many affordable Bavarian costume ideas.



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