Seven of the Best Desk Top Cooling Fans


Summer is here and throughout the land you can hear cries of ‘It’s too hot!’

If you happen to work in an office with no air-conditioning, or have to sleep in a stuffy bedroom, unless you want to fork out for an air-con unit, a cooling fan is your only option.

Cooling fans come in different guises, some are pretty cheap and plastic looking but do the job, and others are more retro and have a refined finish. And if you don’t want one with blades because you have young children running around then there’s a new Dyson bladeless.

Must have several speed settings from low to fast and you should check how easy it is to tilt them, some have a lockable screw which is a bit of a pain. Another thing to thing about is how noisy is the fan? If you are using them in the bedroom you might want them to be quiet, but then some people might like the soothing noises of the humming.

See how long the power lead is as this will affect where you can place the fan and finally does it have a timer? Some people like to set it to start before they enter the room.

Here are seven of the best:

Simple Value White Oscillating Desk Fan – 7 Inch – £9.99

argos cooling desk fan

The simplest budget fan in the shops here, just plug it in, turn it on and leave it to cool down the room. It comes with two speed settings and you can adjust the tilt. It’s also pretty quiet so will work well if you want it going while you sleep.

From: argos.co.uk

De’Longhi Fan Heater, HVR9033 Retro – £64.99

de longhi cooling desk fan

If you like value for money this two-in-one fan heater will ticks all your boxes. It is a heater for the winter and a fan for the summer. We also love the fact there are no visible blades so it is ideal where you have small children. Has a powerful motor and a thermostat that maintains the desired temperature.

From: johnlewis.com

Tesco Metal Desk Fan – £20

tesco cooling desk fan

If you want to look like you have spent more than you have this this metal desk cooling fan is perfect. It hasa gold finish and the sturdy design gives it an air of quality. Comes with four metal blades and three speed setting. A little bit noisy so probably best in a living environment.

From: tesco.com

Igenix 12 Inch White Desk Fan – £19.99

igenix cooling desk fan

A slightly larger cooling fan that is more powerful and would work well in an office space. It comes with three speed settings and you can adjust the tilt. It is quiet so you can get on with your work and comes with a 2-year guarantee.

From: bonuselectrical.co.uk

Bionaire Eco 12″ Desk Fan, 3 Speed – Cool Grey – £30.00


If you worry about the amount of electricity your cooling fan uses then this is a great option. It comes with an eco-friendly DC motor which typically uses less energy than a traditional AC motor. You still get a powerful air flow with a variable speed setting. Comes with a manual tilt and a removable grill for easy cleaning.

From: tesco.com

NSA’UK Mini Tower Fan – £39.99


This tower cooling fan is small enough to fit on a desk or bedside table. It has a quiet motor that will not distract you if you are working or trying to sleep. There’s a 4-hour timer is perfect for night-time use. You get two speed settings – ‘breeze’ which allows a variation of soft and strong gusts, and ‘sleep’ which gradually reduces speed over time.

From: johnlewis.com

Dyson Pure Cool Desktop Purifier – £349.00


This Dyson fan is undoubtedly expensive but it does have tons of features. There are no blades, obviously, but this is an amazing fan that actually purifies the air via the 360° Glass HEPA filter. It works by capturing any tiny particles from the air, these could be pollen, bacteria or pet detritus. Also in the cooling fan is a layer of activated carbon granules which is designed to remove odours and any harmful toxins. It then circulates the now purified air into the room.

From: tesco.com

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