Selling at a Car Boot this Weekend? Here’s All You Need to Know

More and more people are sorting through their old junk, their bits and bobs, old clothes etc and loading up the car to head off to the nearest car boot sale. But as with all things British, there are rules and etiquette requirements that need to be followed and you could be left driving all your junk home if you do not know the basics of how to sell at a car boot sale. It is simple enough but stick to a few easy tricks and suggestions, and you’ll be the one who ends up pocketing the money, and leaving the junk behind.

Arrive Early

Sounds like a no brainer right? But you’d be surprised at the amount of people, when I have been doing a car boot sale, that rock up three hours after it has all started and is all but ending. If the sign says 10am then aim to get there at the very least a half hour before that. You can bet your life that seasoned car booters will already be there and will have their stalls set up, be sat down and just waiting for you to start unloading.

Park at the Entrance

Most car boot will have traffic movers who will direct you into a space but this does not mean you have to go where they tell you! Park nearest the entrance and you will get the best footfall when everyone has all their money to spend and you will be the first stall they come across.

It takes Two

I’ve tried to do car boots on my own and believe me, it’s really tricky. I’ll tell you for why. When you first arrive, you will be surrounded, and I mean, literally surrounded by the aforementioned seasoned car booters who will swoop down onto your car boot and start rummaging around in it before you have had to chance to wipe the sleep from your eyes. What you need to do is have one person unloading onto the front table, and the second person keeping an eye on what is going on with the people who are trying to buy the first items coming out. I have had things stolen as my back has been turned as I cannot have my eyes in two places at once. So be wary.

Use a Long Table

A wall paper pasting table is best but any long picnic table will do. Make sure that smaller objects are placed at the front of the table where people can see them easily, and larger items at the back. Use the sides of the table for clothing rails and place shoes underneath the rails, not underneath the front of the table, it blocks people from looking at the main table. Use your car to hang expensive items of clothing, for instance leather jackets or bed linen etc

Have a Float

Most people will come with a tenner or a twenty pound note and if you do not have change, they won’t stop. So the day before the car boot, go to the bank and get yourself a float of twenty pounds in loose change. It is also a good idea to have spare carrier bags with you so that bulkier items, or if a person wants to buy more than one item, you can place them all in bag for them.

Be Prepared

Take food and drinks with you so that you do not need to buy the overpriced items at the actual car boot. There will be food and catering vans there but you’ll end up spending a fortune on grub, probably more than you will make in the first place.

Finally, watch the weather forecast, as if there is a hint of rain it will put people off so keep your stuff for the next weekend as the best boot sale are the ones when the sun is out! Good luck!

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