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Sell Your House

Even in the current economic climate, houses are selling, although they have taken a bit of a dive in price. You can still sell your house, with some careful planning, and if you’re prepared to put in a bit of extra work, you can even get more money for it. As the old saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a good impression, so make sure that your house is in tip-top condition before letting potential buyers see it.

As you probably know, real estate agents require a fee or commission for selling your house, which is around 3% of the total price. Therefore, if you sell your house for £ 300,000, £ 9,000 will go to your real estate agent.  By selling your house privately, not only will you save thousands of pounds, you might also receive better offers from potential buyers. All you have to do is take nice pictures of your house and advertise it online. Property websites like rightmove.co.uk, findaproperty.com, homesonsale.co.uk , craiglist.com and gumtree.com allow you to advertise your house without having to pay any brokerage commissions, even though some of them require you to pay an initial fee of less than £ 300,00 to list your property on their websites.

Touch up the paintwork

Freshen up all the paintwork, particularly white ceilings and gloss the skirting boards and door frames. Even if you think your paintwork looks white already, it will gleam when it is freshly done, making your house look sparkly clean. Paint or varnish your front door if it can be. This adds thousands onto your house’s value.

Tidy the garden

Get rid of any weeds, mow the lawn and clear away any clutter or debris. If you have children’s play equipment, make sure it is clean and that small toys are not scattered about, and if you have any unfinished projects, make finishing them a priority. Consider buying a cheap bird table for the lawn, but make sure this is well kept.

Clear clutter

Clear all clutter from every room. Bedrooms, especially childrens’ bedrooms, need to be completely clutter free, even if you have to box everything and place it in the garage or loft. Keep kitchen surfaces and tables free of unnecessary items – put all crockery, cutlery and pans etc in cuboards or in appropriate storage areas.

Tidy bookshelves and storage units and remove extra ornaments – only a few ornaments at the most should be on display, any more looks cluttered.

Plants and flowers

Add plants and flowers, whether real ones or artificial ones, to several rooms – as a minimum you should have a plant or vase of flowers in the kitchen and downstairs hallway, with a larger one in the living room. Adding one to a bedroom is a good idea too.

Clean the bathroom

Of every room in the house, the bathroom is the most important that needs to be sparkling clean. Use coloured toilet fresheners and place an air freshener in the room, to make the room smell clean. Wash the floors with bleach and water, and wash all floors in the house if possible too.

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