The Selfie Stick: The Must-Have gift for Christmas

Taking a picture of yourself and posting it onto social media sites has become more and more popular over the last couple of years.

Different ways of posting selfies

But as people experiment with different ways of posting selfies and become more creative with the final image, now posting a simple selfie just will not do.

Now selfies have to include some element of excitement or danger, as people have been snapping themselves on the edge of cliffs, on top of skyscrapers and even underwater swimming with sharks.  As the type of selfie has changed from the pouty to the possibly dangerous, so has the technology and equipment that goes with it. Hence the ‘selfie-sticks’, sticks which are really nothing more than an extendable pole with a clip to hold your smartphone at the other end.

The Selfie-Sticks

The selfie-sticks trend first emerged in Asia, where extreme action sports enthusiasts would use them for exciting group and solo shots while they were participating in their sports. They are also a favourite or tourists who want to take a picture of themselves next to a famous landmark and need a little distance in-between them and the building.

Even celebrities such as Alan Carr have been getting in on the action.


Now the selfie-stick has arrived in the UK thanks to two British businessmen -Neil Harvey and Steve Pengelly, who realised that the selfie trend could reach a new level.

Mr Harvey said: ‘We were at a school friend’s wedding in Manila and while we were there we saw hundreds of people attaching their phones to these sticks and taking selfies. When we first saw the selfie-sticks we did think “that’s a bit weird”, then we realised there was a gap in the market for something like this.’

Selfie Pods

The pair started up their company Selfie Pods, which is based in Plymouth, and now manufacture five different types of selfie-sticks priced at £7.99 upwards. The £7.99 stick is the most basic version and is simply an extendable pole in which the smartphone sits, so the user has to programme in timer in order to take a picture. In the more advanced versions, a Bluetooth shutter on the handles actually links to the smartphone which allows you to take the picture exactly when you want to.


All the selfie-sticks come in different colours and so far Selfie Pods have sold over 6,000 sticks between August and the end of November, and have ordered another 5,000 ordered to cope with Christmas demand. Experts are already predicting this is one trend that will take off in the US once the public get to hear about it. It will probably take a celebrity or two to start using the sticks in public for people to really embrace it, but when they do, expect to see sticks everywhere and possibly even selfie stick rage!

Of course, there are some people, like myself who don’t understand the lure of the selfie and think the people who post them all the time are narcissist and need therapy, but as Mr Harvey added: ‘Lots of people think “what is the point of this?” but once you’ve had a go on one and seen the cool pictures you can produce without the need for a cameraperson, you realise that these little things are really quite a cool bit of kit.’

You can buy yours at http://www.selfiepods.co.uk/.

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