Season’s top leather jackets for men

Leather jackets

It is that time of the year again when wearing jackets and over coats is a style statement. This fall season, one of the best wears for men is a leather jacket. Leather jackets steal the attention despite being quite an age old fashion innovation. This started off as a need few years ago and has now become a classic style statement.

Any man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a leather jacket. Yes, leather jackets are associated with bikers and men who indulge in some grueling physical activity but today, just about anybody wants to sport one. Here is a list of top leather jackets for men this fall and winter. Now, whether you own a Harley Davidson or a Ninja does not matter too much. Read on.

Jackets for men

Leather bomber Jacket

Men’s leather bomber jacket is arguably the most basic of all leather jackets available. The simple yet sturdy look of a bomber jacket makes it easy to wear on just about any kind of outfit. It is known to add a rough look with great style on especially khakis. A perfect combination of elegance and style, a bomber jacket looks great on a pair of denim with black boots.

There are many types of leather bomber jackets out there. A perfect bomber jacket would be cut to the length of a person’s waist, has a detachable collar, with two front slash pockets and a zippered pocket on the left side. It is important that the leather is of high quality or else over exposure of sunlight may create cracks on the sides and corners.

Faux leather jacket

A faux leather jacket is a leather jacket without the real leather look. For people who appreciate leather jackets but are not too okay with wearing genuine leather, a faux leather jacket is just the right thing. A faux leather jacket is not stiff leather jacket as a bomber but rather a soft jacket that gets close to wearing a genuine one.

This jacket is gaining popularity among many fashion and social circles for its easy to wear appearance and the authentic leather feel that it gives. Most faux leather jackets have full length zip in the front. Some may have a hoodie attached to it but pretty much all of faux leather jackets have ribbed cuffs. Faux leather jackets are not too expensive either and therefore worth having one on a breezy fall evening.

Leather Letterman Jacket

For men who want to appear stylish and elegant without taking desperate measures, a Letterman jacket is the best bet. Leather Letterman jackets have been around for quite some time but these jackets never seem to run out of fashion. For boys who are confident of themselves and don’t want to push too hard, the real American jacket is here.

Most leather Letterman jackets are two toned – with the body of the jacket made of black wool and sleeves of genuine black leather. These are equally great for guys in college and university. Letterman jackets in suede are season’s real hot cakes. Suede is a unique kind of leather with napped finish.

A suede Letterman jacket gives a casual yet very sharp look. The pockets, inner waist and the zipper front are all in uniformity. It is very easy to see why this style never loses its luster. Again, it is not too heavy on pockets and an unbeatable leather jacket to own.

Leather blazer

For all those men who prefer to wear suits to work and blazers to catch up with friends over a drink in the evening; here’s what could make you stand out of the crowd – a leather blazer. Leather blazer looks absolutely stunning on a pair of denim and round neck tee-shirt. Leather blazers are perfect for night out with family and friends yet send out a signal that of seriousness.

A single-breasted leather blazer is always a runaway hit. Most of these have three button front and a notch collar. A class leather blazer must be either in black or beige. Any other color may not gel well with the outfit or with the surrounding. Leather blazers have an innate quality to attract people’s attention but they must be worn on over khakis trousers or a pair of denim.

Leather jacket for men have been through the test of time. They are now available in different versions and there is definitely one out there for every man. Fall and winter cannot be passed without a jackets and what better than wearing the leather on the sleeve.

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