Scare yourself on Halloween

Many people around the world have acquired a habit of pumping up their adrenaline a bit more over the Halloween season. There are a number of movies, both traditional and really new ideas set to rock your Halloween to extreme horror. The movies highlighted here are mainly adult movies. So if you have children around home, be sure to find something else for them. The movies sampled here would be peaked to high for the younger people. However they can be handled by those of 20 years and above.

One of the movies on card is the Frontieres. There is an increasing public liking for French movies. The French seem to have perfected the art of horror movies over the time. With this one on the set, be sure to run scared in this season. It is terrific entertainment. In Frontieres you get to be treated to a gang of robbers making an escape attempt to the countryside .While on their way, they walk right into the heart of terror. They meet a Neo-Nazi gang; more sadistic and brutal. What ensues is what one would call the extremes of horror. The evil that is unveiled is beyond description.


Another good horror movie is the Toby Wilkins’ Splinter. In this new release, car-jackers get hold of a couple and take off with them. While on their way to a hide- out, they stop at a fuelling station to purchase supplies. To their shock and horror too, they are suddenly subjects of a mysterious creature from the woods. This movie is a cleverly scripted story. It is meticulously rehearsed and the effect simply ticks horror at the core of your being. It is one subtle sci-fi one would love to watch many times over; especially during the Halloween season. The movie plays around the typical human fears of isolation and the anxiety about the unknowns in life.

Off the shelves of the golden oldies; meet Poltergeist. In this horror, poltergeists haunt a family until they high jack them and begin to take them to unknown destination to the chagrin of the family members. The poltergeists attempt an escape with the family. They make a deliberate effort to keep the family as sane as can be before they get to their set destination. The movie stars Craig T Nelson. This horror is one that keeps you on the edge, both literally and emotionally. It’s a portent golden oldie that you would certainly want to watch again.

The Exorcist

If you have viewed the three movies mentioned earlier in this article, you can try out The Exorcists. You possibly have heard about it. The exorcist was made way back in 1973. Nonetheless, do not be deceived by the time factor. This movie still stands tall in the league of horror movies. It is perhaps one of the scariest of all the horror movies you will possibly watch. Several generations down the line but it still sells impressively. The movie revolves around the occult and the devil. It details the story of a young girl possessed with demons and the subsequent effort to rid her of her tribulations by the priests requested to do the same by the family members. The gist of the story is bound to keep these movies in high demand for a long time to come. The intrigues of this movie can be compared to the Poltergeist.

Blair Witch Project                     

A group of friends set out to the woods to search for the Blair Witch. It was the biggest indie horror movie until Paranormal Activity. It was big, not only because of the sales it recorded but that the quality of its display was also considered superb. 

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