Say Goodbye to Wrinkles with Avon’s A-F33 wrinkle cream!

Avon's A-F33 wrinkle creamWhat do Lisa Snowdon, Tamzin Outhwaite, Claudia Winkleman and Anna Friel all have in common? They all love Avon’s new Anew A-F33 Anti Wrinkle Cream. And they are not the only ones who are backing this revolutionary new product. Skincare specialists are raving about it too, with industry expert Dr. Sam Bunting saying: “I’m particularly excited by the development of a new ‘active’ – making this potentially one of the most exciting breakthroughs I’ve seen in recent years.”

Anti ageing creams work in many different ways; some plump up the skin to make wrinkle appear less defined, whilst others rejuvenate collagen in an attempt to stop the ageing processes. Avon’s new A-F33 complex contains a ‘miracle molecule’ they are calling ‘Amino Fill 33’, which promises to tackle wrinkles and fine lines head on in a different way to most other creams on the market.

The way A-F33 works is to stimulate the skin cells and deactivate any cells that block the making of collagen, thus the cells can function much better which means younger looking skin with less wrinkles. According to a statement, 134 women were randomly assigned either a commercial anti-ageing wrinkle treatment product or Avon ANEW Clinical Pro Line Eraser with A-F33, which was applied twice daily for 11 weeks. And in tests, an astonishing 100% of women who tried the cream showed results on fine lines in just 2 weeks, with results showing that overnight – skin looks more youthful, in only 3 days there was a natural-looking wrinkle reduction and in 2 weeks the appearance of fine lines and creases were dramatically diminished.

Avon's A-F33 wrinkle cream been boxed

Avon’s A-F33 was inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research, and the A-F33 molecule was developed with NeoStrata, a leader in topical anti-ageing technologies. Barbara Green of NeoStrata Company who partnered the research, said: “Through our collaboration with Avon scientists, we have discovered the benefits of the A-F33 molecule and we are excited for the future of the anti-aging skincare market.” We have heard that there is a waiting list with over 60,000 people on it, but a quick look at Avon’s online catelogue shows that the product is now available so if you want super wrinkle free skin then head over to Avon now where you can find the product under the Anew page.

Anew PRO Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33

Anew PRO Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33

was £30.00 now £20.00

Price Per 100ml = £66.67

Gel lotion formulation with patented+ A-F33 for Avon’s ultimate in fighting fine and deep wrinkles. 30ml. Our fastest wrinkle fighter EVER +U.S. patent All cosmetic product results are achieved with continued use.

Anew PRO Line Corrector Eye Treatment with A-F33

Anew PRO Line Corrector Eye Treatment with A-F33

was £19.50 now £14.00

Price Per 100ml = £93.33

Lightweight cream instantly makes the eye area appear smoother and feel tighter. All cosmetic product results are achieved with continued use.

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