Saving Time on Home Cooking

Takeaways and ready meals are such a tempting proposition when you come home tired from a hard day’s work. People with children are under time constraints to get the kids off to bed, and if you have work commitments during the evening you may be even worse off. So cooking often falls by the wayside as a time-consuming activity that is unrealistic during the weekly shuffle.

Frozen vegetables can cut down on time spent cleaning and podding.

Buying frozen products can be a huge time-saver, as can buying meat for the entire week during the weekend and then freezing what you won’t use immediately. Remember to take some out in the morning and leave it to defrost in the fridge or (suitably protected) on the kitchen counter.

In the evening your meat will be adequately defrosted and you can get straight to cooking. An even better method involves defrosting overnight and then preparing a marinade in the morning. Your meat can absorb the flavours from the marinade throughout the day and by evening time it will be ready to be cooked into a beautifully aromatic meal.

A slow-cooker may seem like a pointless investment, but it can actually save you hours of time every single week. In the morning, fill it with the contents of the stew you plan to eat for tea. This can include meat, vegetables, chicken, potatoes… Whatever you fancy. In the evening, you can either enjoy your stew on its own, or slap it into an oven dish and pop some puff pastry over it for a quick, but immensely tasty pie.

Cooking a variety of meals at the weekend allows you to prepare for the week.

In the same vein, a bread machine can save you a lot of time whilst also allowing you freshly baked, home-made bread every single day. You simply empty the ingredients into the bread machine in the evening and find fresh bread in the morning, or vice versa. This lets you gain healthy food without taking away a great deal of time.

Finally, cooking ahead of time can help immensely. Cooking large pots of stew, bolognaise sauce, chicken curry, and other meals during the weekend allows you to freeze portion-sized amounts which can easily be defrosted and used at a later date.

If you get prepared, you can count on these tips to help you achieve the perfect home-cooked meal every single day! Enjoy your food!

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