Saving Money during the winter by not using your Dryer

Winter is definitely on its way, and many of us are getting ready to crawl under the highest tog duvet we can find. But did you know that the colder weather can help you save money on your electricity bills by allowing you to dry clothes without your dryer? Find out how!

For one, your dryer has probably worked overtime this summer. Between the mild weather and the incessant rain, times when you could hang the laundry outside to dry have been few and far between. While the heating has been off, the dryer has been on and not only has it made the house a bit warmer than I’d like, it’s also eaten up electricity like nobody’s business. But during the winter, when your radiators are always going at full pelt, you can definitely save some money!

I can hear you thinking, though – and you’re right. If you hang your clothes directly on the radiators, you will in fact make the heating work harder to warm the house. That is very true, and is at very best not the most efficient way to save the pennies. But if you invest in a few hanging systems you can dry clothes quickly and painlessly whilst your heating works the same as it would otherwise. The simplest way would be for you to buy a clotheshorse and find a place in your home where you can put it in front of a radiator. Rotating the clothes or even the clotheshorse allows you to ensure everything gets dry, or you can pop it down in the morning and forget about it until the evening, by which time everything will be dry.

Alternatively, you can buy racks that hook over the radiator and allow you to hang your clothes very close to the source of heat. If you’re worried about the stiffness of hang-dried clothing, pop everything into the dryer for five or ten minutes and you’ll be fine – but you’re still saving a tonne as the dryer isn’t running from morning until evening.

The winter weather has many downsides, but with a few creative solutions you’ll be able to save your dryer for urgent situations and needn’t worry about it raising your fuel bills. Enjoy!

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