Save Water and the Planet with the Water Pebble

Environmental consciousness is becoming more and more important, but is not the only reason to avoid using too much water. Water bills can be quite shocking and while some areas have fixed water bills, many people find themselves enslaved by a water meter and a consequent need to be economic when it comes to showering. That said, timing your showers is an awkward way to go about keeping clean, and obviously cutting down on showering means cutting down on personal hygiene. With the Water Pebble, you can easily ensure your shower is not taking the Mickey in terms of wasting water, without stressing or having to mess with a clock.

The Water Pebble actually takes its cue from your first shower. Of course, I tell you that, and you wonder how it’s going to lower your water bills. Right? Every time you shower, the Water Pebble shaves seven seconds off your shower time, thus reducing the time spent overall to less than six minutes per shower. You could be saving more than 20 litres of water every day by using the Water Pebble. Not a bad achievement, either in terms of the environment or in terms of saving money on your water bill… Am I right?

But it isn’t only useful if, like me, you’re married to a Yorkshireman who wants to keep the bills down. Many homes still have limited hot water due to old or malfunctioning boilers, and using the Water Pebble can help you ensure everyone in the house is able to enjoy a hot shower without running out of water and having to choose between not feeling clean and washing in ice-cold water.

As far as saving the planet goes, it’s not exactly the same as donning a spandex bodysuit and wearing tight underpants over the top… But for under a tenner, the Water Pebble certainly allows you a generous measure of environmental peace of mind and convenience. Definitely worth the money if there’s any way it could make your life easier and more environmentally friendly!

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