Save on Your Holidays by Travelling During Low Seasons

As you probably know, high season is when your favourite holiday destinations are full of tourists and flights, hotels and even restaurants cost more. The good news is that low season periods begin in September until the first week of December and begin again in February until May. Not only will travelling during low-season periods save you money, it will also allow you to enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere.

And, if you want to save a few extra hundred pounds, ask your travel agent for advice and try to book your flight and hotel at the very last minute. Remember that travel agents sell packages and tours on behalf of holiday specialists and other tour companies. It is true that they get paid to sell certain packages for the holiday companies they collaborate with, but it also true that they have to pay high penalties when targets are not achieved, so don’t be too prejudiced against travel agents.

In fact, it is because of those penalties that you will often see lots of ten pounds slashed off your holiday quote. Some people like planning their holidays in advance. If you do not fall into this category and are willing to do anything to stay within a very tight budget, then you should try to go to your local travel agent on the day before you intend to leave for your chosen destination, preferably a few minutes before close of business, and ask whether it is possible to get a discount and perhaps a few extras (tour guides, car hire…) for free.

Rest assured that if there are targets that your agent has not yet met, he will be more than happy to oblige. If you are open to new experiences and need one or two weeks away from the stress of everyday life, then this option is perfect for you: just choose a destination, book your holiday, pay and go. If, on the other hand, you have a particular destination in mind, you should definitely consider booking your holiday with a web based travel company.

Because these companies’ overhead expenses are relatively low, they can offer cheaper holiday packages and great deals which are usually advertised on their home pages. Apart from avoiding booking your holiday in peak season, another method of staying within budget is to make your own arrangements. Book your flight ticket and hotel room in advance and you will save even more money than you expected.

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