Save on Heating All Winter Long

As the cold weather overtakes the rare sunny spells of this damp and chilly summer, heating comes on more and more often. Soon your thermostat will be set to 20 and your fuel bills will rise to stupendous heights by springtime. But with some simple steps you can actually help yourself save on those fuel bills without freezing to death.

First of all, buy a duvet with a higher tog-rating. If necessary, you can buy autumn and winter duvets with buttons in the corners, these can be clipped together to form an amazingly warm combination-duvet that will keep you warm in any circumstances. Try to obtain flannel duvet sets and sheets; this fabric retains heat very well and you will be able to tell the difference between flannel and chilly cotton as it will feel far warmer.

Your thermostat will have a setting allowing you to time when it comes on. Why not set it to come on twenty minutes before you get up, and turn itself up twenty minutes before you leave for work? This should allow you a nice warm wake-up, but you’ll be able to save as your heating won’t be on during the middle of the day while you’re at work and neither know nor care what your house’s ambient temperature is like. By the same token, a heating system coming on half an hour before you usually come home from work will result in a toasty home.

If your dryer is in the kitchen or in a utility room, leave the door to the rest of the house open when you’re running it. The resulting heat will help keep the rest of your home warm for no more money than running the dryer with the door shut. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to hear when it finishes so you’ll know when to get up and put the clean dry laundry away.

Fresh air is important, but keep your doors shut. When you air out a room, make sure the other rooms are all closed so the heat of your home won’t just slip out into the colder, wider world. As soon as the room is aired out, you can close the window and open the door again.

Winter is an expensive time, in large part due to the high fuel bills. With these tips, you’ll be able to cut a substantial amount of money off of those bills, saving money as you’re saving fuel and keeping warmer this winter.

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