Save Money On Baby Equipment – The Things You Don’t Need

The shops and the internet are full of must-have baby items, and, while you obviously want to give your baby the best start in life possible, and buy them the best of everything, there are a lot of gimmick items that your baby doesn’t need. Save your money by only buying the things you need, not all the baby equipment on sale, most of which won’t be used.

Moses basket

Whilst it is useful to have something small in which your baby can sleep during the first few short months of life, this is deemed an unnecessary expense. Your baby will be fine sleeping in a cot from birth and you could section one end of it off, to make it cosier for your baby while they are tiny.

Another unnecessary purchase is a crib or rocking cradle, and you definitely don’t need one of them if you already have a moses basket and a cot for later. As you probably know, babies tend to grow quite fast during their first months of life, so avoid buying all those items that you know you won’t be needing anymore two weeks after buying them.

Baby bath and baby towels

Special baby baths are very expensive considering they are only used for a short period of time, and they are also a struggle to fill without spilling water on the floor or hurting yourself. Instead, bath your baby in the adult bath, again maybe using a separator to make the area smaller, or use the kitchen sink for the first baths in those early weeks.

Similarly, baby bath towels are usually small and thin, as well as being overpriced, so it’s better to buy normal towels in white or a colour of your choice, that you keep for your baby’s use.

An excess of first-size clothes

You will probably receive lots of clothes as gifts, so don’t go overboard on buying a large amount of these. Your baby might be too big for first-size clothes anyway, so you don’t want to have too many. If your baby is small, you can always buy more once you know what gifts you have received; but many baby outfits are never worn at all, because in the first weeks it’s easier to dress your baby in babygros.

More unnecessary baby items

–        cot bumpers, as they are dangerous

–        baby pillows, as they are expensive and useless

–        baby wipes, which you may replace with wet towels

–        a baby swing, although a bouncer or rocker is useful

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