Save Money By Holidaying in the UK

Why holiday in the UK? Because booking a flight abroad has so many hidden extra charges attached to it; long haul flights have extortionate fuel tax duty that you now have to pay, on top of your ticket price; it is harder to get a refund if something goes wrong; they are typically more expensive. Need I say more to convince you? If I do then have a look at our tips on how to save money by holidaying in the UK this year.

Lyme Regis

Plan & Organise

It is absolutely vital that you start planning your holiday now, if you want to get the best deals. Forget about late deals and last-minute options, the early booker gets the best holiday. And you have more choice in the matter too. Once you know where you want to go, use as many travel comparison websites to see which offers you the best deal on hotels and resorts.

Choose When to Go

It is difficult to avoid school holidays and weekends, but if you can travel when no one else wants to, you’ll find that you’ll get better deals in the UK’s hotels, apartment and B&Bs. Go during the week instead of weekends and try to be a little flexible. You’ll find that if you opt to stay out of the main town, you may also save a bit more money.

Scilly Isles

Make a Driving Plan

If you are driving to your holiday, check whether petrol is cheaper in your local vicinity or en route. You may find that a few miles up the road, petrol is much cheaper so you can save money by filling up later on in your journey. Also, prepare food for the trip, as food in garages is typically marked up by an astonishing 400%. So make sure you all have a packed lunch with you and plenty to drink.

Try Self Catering

Self catering does not mean that mum does all the cooking every day, you can take it in turns and it will save you heaps on your budget. In larger cities, you can find aparthotels now, which are great for groups and families and allow you to cook your own food within the premises. Also explore the caravan and holiday park option as they also offer self catering as well as country cottages and boating breaks.

St Ives

Get Restaurant Vouchers

If you do plan on eating out, and who wouldn’t like a few meals in a nice restaurant when you are on your holidays, then search online for restaurant vouchers, such as 2 for 1 deals and money off at leading restaurants and pub chains. Every little helps to make your money go a little further and you can spend it on other things like a day out at a fun fair.

Go Camping or Caravanning

If you are of a certain age then I would recommend caravanning over camping, it’s more comfortable for a start, and warmer! But if you have a sense of adventure and love the outdoors then camping may be for you. You don’t know until you’ve tried it and there are some glorious camping sites in the UK, and they only cost a few pounds a night to pitch up in. If you don’t fancy forking out for new gear, beg or borrow a tent and buy the cheapest items from supermarket stores such as Aldi or Lidl, who often have specials on camping gear.


Wherever you go in the UK, the golden rules are plan ahead and be flexible enough to try new things.

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