Samsung offers gold Galaxy S4 smartphone

gold pink galaxy s4The bitter rivalry between tech giants Apple and Samsung shows no signs of abating. Apple’s gold iPhone 5S has been massively popular, selling out in stores across the globe and selling for three times its retail price on auction sites.

Now, Samsung is getting in on the gold rush by announcing its very own blinged up handset. The South Korean multinational has unveiled two limited edition Galaxy S4 devices – in gold and pink, and gold and brown hues.

The new colours are sure to be snapped up by Samsung fans. But the firm has been accused of simply copying Apple’s lead.

The Huffington Post said: “They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Samsung must really be in love with Apple.” Meanwhile, tweeter Dave Pell said: “Now Samsung is releasing a gold phone. These guys should really follow an Apple map off a cliff.”

While rumours of a golden iPhone were doing the rounds for some time before the firm’s official launch, the gold Samsung handset has taken the world by surprise.

So far, however, the new gold and pink versions will only be available in the United Arab Emirates.

But analysts are predicting that the new colour combinations will be rolled out elsewhere across the globe provided that they prove as popular as expected.

And, the two new hues are sure to be a shrewd move for Samsung if Apple’s experience is anything to go by. The gold iPhone versions sold out in many stores after just a day on sale with one gold handset selling for a whopping $10,000 on the auction site ebay.

Meanwhile, the pink version of Apple’s cheaper handset, the iPhone 5C has been the most popular of all the other colour combinations on sale. So far, pink iPhone 5Cs have made up nearly half of all the handsets sold.

The blue model is second, accounting for 32 per cent of iPhone 5C sales. In third place comes the green device, which has sold 12 per cent, followed by white at 9 per cent and yellow, accounting for just one per cent.

So, it would seem natural that Samsung’s handset combining both pink and gold would be a sure-fire winner if it is released worldwide.

Many believe that Samsung will gauge reaction in the Middle East, before releasing new colour combinations in the UK and US in time for the Christmas market.

Meanwhile, Apple buoyed by the success of releasing two new devices at the same time, for the first time, is expected to take the same strategy with the iPad. Experts are predicting at least two new iPads released together – possibly next month.

Reports are suggesting that Apple will launch successors to the iPad mini at an even on October 15th.  Apple could also decide to release different colour versions of the iPad. But, one things for sure, there probably won’t be a yellow model.

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