Samsung attacks Apple in new ad

Samsung may have lost to Apple in the landmark patent case in California. But the South Korean electronics giant has come out fighting.

In an aggressive ad campaign designed to deal with any potential loss in sales revenue as a result of the iPhone 5 launch, Samsung takes a dig at its American rival Apple.

Running in national and regional newspapers, Samsung’s ad tells consumers not to wait for the iPhone 5, which is currently facing shipping delays, because “the next big thing is already here”.

Using the tagline “it doesn’t take a genius,” Samsung also takes a swipe at the “geniuses” who are on hand to offer help at Apple stores.

The ad lists all the features of Samsung’s new flagship phone, the Galaxy S3, alongside those of the iPhone 5, claiming its device more than measures up to the specifications of the Apple smartphone.

Samsung points out that its Galaxy S3 has a bigger screen and longer battery life than its rival along with features such as its shake-to-update gizmo and removable battery. It fails to mention, however, features that are unique to the iPhone 5, including iCloud integration.

It is just the latest battle in what is becoming an increasingly bitter war between Samsung and Apple.

But despite the new ad campaign, the iPhone 5 has proved spectacularly popular since pre-orders opened. In just 24 hours, Apple took more than two million orders for the iPhone 5, breaking its record held by its previous model, the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 will be available in stores from Friday but Apple has admitted those who have ordered their phone online are facing delays. Demand for the iPhone 5 has exceeded initial supply so, while most customers will get their phones on Friday, others will have to wait until October.

Apple’s fans will be getting their hands on their new model as the American firm and its South Korean rival remain locked in a legal battle over the design and software used in their respective smartphones.

Last month, a Californian court ruled in favour of Apple, finding that Samsung had violated some of its design patents and should pay a $1bn settlement.

Apple is calling for eight of Samsung’s devices to be banned from sale in the US, with a hearing expected to take place on December 6 to rule on that issue.

The relationship between Samsung and Apple, however, remains a complex one, with the pair being not only rivals but also business associates. Samsung is a key supplier to Apple of the processors which have been used in both its iPhones and iPads.

While the rivalry is continuing to make headlines, it may be consumers who are the winners as the two big guns of the tech world constantly strive to outdo each other.

A spokesman for marketing company Appco Group said: “They say – Samsung Galaxy S3 is the next big thing. In the fight between – iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3, customers are surely going to gain a lot.”

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