For Salon Coloured Hair – Use John Frieda Precision Foam Colour

Are you still using those old home colouring hair dyes that drip everywhere, stink to high heaven of ammonia, are difficult when you try and reach hard to get to places – like the back of your neck? Or, are you spending a fortune visiting your local salon and waiting for hours with those pesky foils on top of your head?

If so you may be interested to learn that there is another way to get professionally salon coloured hair, without the visits or the mess. John Frieda Hair Care have created Precision Foam Colour, which is the first-ever, premium, permanent at-home hair color that uses foam technology to truly make your hair look as if it has been professionally coloured, and I should know, I’ve just tried it! I can honestly say it was the easiest hair colorant I have ever used and it has given me the exact shade I wanted. No mean feat when you consider every time I colour my hair it goes too dark, even though I always use a mid brown.

John Frieda uses a unique foam formula which allows for precise coverage and absorbs seamlessly into your roots and hard-to-reach places (like the back of your head), so you can achieve flawless, saturated color with ease. And if you are not sure of which colour shade you want, or should be using, just go to their Shade Selector (which I did!) to find out which of the 30 vibrant hues is the best match for you.

Simply massage the foam into your hair to achieve flawless coverage you thought you could only get at a salon. No drips, no stains – just gorgeous-looking hair from every angle. Now you can prepare to say goodbye to drips, stains, and contortionist tricks and spend your time (and money) on more important things…your summer wardrobe, perhaps?

John Frieda have even given us these handy tips to pass on:

Tips Before Colouring

  • After shampooing your hair, wait at least 24 hours before colouring
  • Perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before use
  • Follow the instructions carefully
  • Select a shade no more than 2 levels away from your current colour
  • If you have bleached, highlighted, permed or relaxed hair, wait 2 weeks
  • Always apply to dry hair
  • Do not wear accessories or use metal tools
  • Before applying, comb your hair to detangle it
  • If colour touches the skin, wipe it off immediately

Tips During Colouring

  • Always use as much foam as you can
  • For short hair, use at least 2/3 of the bottle
  • For shoulder length to long hair, use the entire bottle
  • Carefully massage foam through the hair with your fingertips
  • Be gentle to prevent hair from tangling

Tips After Colouring

  • Wait at least 24-48 hours after colouring to wash your hair so that your hair colour has time to set into strands
  • When it is time to wash your strands, use Shampoos & Conditioners that are designed to care for your specific hair colour to keep your colour noticeable with a daily boost of shine and dimension.
  • Once a week, use the After Colour Conditioner from your Precision Foam Colour kit or a deep conditioning treatment to lock in your colour and to protect it from fading. Moisturized locks are especially important as well-nourished locks will keep your colour vibrant.
  • Between colourings, if you are in need of an infusion of shine or a colour boost, try a salon-inspired treatment such as a clear or colour-depositing glaze at home.
  • Use styling products that have added sunscreen or UV filters to help protect your colour from being faded by the sun

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