Sales: Think Before You Buy

Have you ever gone to a shop that is having a massive sales clear out and ended up buying a load of junk that you did not intend to purchase? A bargain is only a bargain if you wanted it in the first place so how can you sort out what is truly a dream buy and what is last years rubbish the store is trying to off-load? Different stores have different tactics to entice you in their shops in the first place.

Furniture shops will typically have a ‘limited time only’ sales pitch but when you look closer it is only a certain range of furniture that is on offer for a limited time. The other products may have weeks to go on the special deal rates so read the small print.

Clothes shops have huge letters and numbers shouting 50% off but when you get closer to the advert you see a very small ‘upto’ next to it and get inside and  you’ll find a small minority of clothes are actually priced at 50% off, the rest are at a measly 15% or 20%. It’s all a cunning ploy to get you rifling through the racks. So what can you do to protect your purse and find a real bargain?

Make a list of what you actually want and how much you are willing to spend. Don’t go over this amount despite how tempted you may be. Look at what you are buying and think how often, if it is a clothes item, you are likely to wear it. Will it get much use?  Why are you tempted to buy it? It is because it is a fiver reduced from £75 or because you really love it? Remember, recommended retail prices or RRP’s are works of fiction, the store make them up and that cocktail dress with the gothic lace shirt that went out in the early 80’s you are contemplating buying probably only cost a fiver to make in the first place. Do not be put off or swayed by highly exaggerated RRP’s.

A little inside information goes a long way and I used to be a manager of a clothes shop many years ago. So why did we have cut price sales? Because the stuff was not selling and we had to make room for new stock that’s why. Out of season items take up valuable rack and store space and with fashion changing by the week, shops cannot afford to keep stock lying about the storeroom floor whilst new products are vying for store exposure and window space. The easiest and quickest way to get rid of them is to have a sale and try and recuperate some of your money back. So do not think that stores are doing you a huge favour by offering big discounted ranges of clothes, they only want to get rid of unwanted stock. Keep that in mind when you are out shopping and you won’t end up paying a fortune for a load of old rubbish.

Lastly, be careful when choosing sale items as canny shops will place sales produce in amongst normal stock. This is to get you to look around the shop and not necessarily choose sales offers. This is a trick a lot of stores use, by putting sales produce in-between high-end clothes for example, shoppers are unaware that the cut price skirt they just bought also came with a top fashion blouse for which they paid the full price for.

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