Sales of Snail Gel rocket as Ashley Roberts reveals it as a beauty secret

It’s not the first time Shoppersbase has mentioned Snail Gel as the most have beauty essential of the stars, but today it gets another reference, as ex Pussy Cat Dolls singer Ashley Roberts revealed she uses it, as part of her beauty regime.

The 32-year-old American starlet, who came second in last years I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, admitted to using the slimy substance, in an interview with Reveal magazine. And thanks to her endorsement, sales have rocketed by an amazing 700 per cent, showing that she has some serious selling power.

Ashley Roberts © WENN

Ashley Roberts © WENN

The anti-aging gel contains healing properties and anti-oxidants that are beneficial to overall skin health and well-being. It was first noticed when Chilean snail farmers who were picking the snails for the French food industry, became aware that any cuts or burns on their hands healed quickly and without scarring.

Since then, the mucus that snails produce has been identified and manufactured into a beauty product that celebrities such as Katie Holmes and now Ashley Roberts both love. The mucus is now farmed by collecting the slime that the snails leave when they crawl over a special glass or plastic structure.

article-2527938-1A659E92000005DC-549_306x423There are luxury spas in Japan where you can have a snail facial, which involves having specially trained snails crawl over your face. These snails are not the common ones you see in your gardens and are trained and handled by specialists and treatments can cost up to £160. But for those of us who are a little squeamish, the gel is the next best thing.

Roberts claimed that she particularly liked using the snail gel saying: “I try to moisturise as much as possible, and I use Dr. Organic Snail Gel to keep my skin soft and healthy.”

The gel is said to contain particular anti-oxidants, proteins, glycolic acids, allantoin, hyaluronic acid and elastin, all of which help with anti-aging, regeneration and repair of the skin cells.

Jars of snail gel, such as Dr Organic Snail gel costs just £19.99, and Lucy Pottinger, Holland & Barrett’s senior beauty buyer said: “Although it might appear unusual at first, going back to source can uncover some of nature’s best and most effective solutions,’ she added: “This is particularly true in natural beauty, which has become the fastest growing category in store as customers realise that the products they put on their bodies are just as important as the foods they put in them. To avoid too much of an “eew factor”, we have combined the natural snail gel with Aloe Vera and Lemongrass to ensure it smells and feels as good as it works.”

And what with the party season just starting and after Ashley revealed her love of the product, sales of the product really began to take off, Pottinger said: “We have been overwhelmed by how popular this unique beauty product has become and customers have been stocking up on the product in the lead up to key party season when everyone wants to look and feel their best!”

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