Rustic Look for your Patio

Rustic patio furniture

Rustic patio furniture

When a space has a rustic theme to it, there is something very inviting and appealing about it. And, when you make give your patio a rustic look, it might make you feel all the more warm and cozy. If you want that wasted backyard transformed into a beautiful extension of your plushy house, then a patio could be the perfect thing to compliment it.

Now, a patio can  be an enclosed, paved, outdoor space, seating area or a garden backyard. This space can be an ideal sanctuary to cook, relax, enjoy, entertain and basically have fun. Patios are very popular with those who just love outdoor space. And,  why not? Keeping  the growing trend aside, having a serene , rustic patio at homes is one of the best ways to let yourself loose and have a great time with family and friends. Gone are the days where you have to go to a park for a picnic. Thanks to patios, you can host one at home!

However, how does one create a rustic look for a patio? Simple, consider these few ideas to transform that wasted backyard into a treasure trove!

  • Worn Out Rustic Furniture: Adding a few simple wrought iron and wood furniture can transform the look of your patio instantly! You can even consider putting up the old timber pieces, but of course after giving it a nice sanding and a rich coat of varnish and satin. And, voila! Major chunk of your patio look is done with the furniture. You can also make your own rustic furniture with the help of leather and logs. Or, you can even put up scattered tables, love seats and wrought iron benches around the patio, to accommodate guests for an informal gathering.
  • Lovely Heritage Hues: The idea of having a rustic patio is to give it a genuine worn out look, just-like-in-the-past. The perfect way to get that back-in-the-old-days feel, is by using a few lovely colors like mission brown, cream and probably even a rivergum green.
  • Plaques and Accessories: Now, when it comes to plaques and accessories, it’s all about being creative. Make the best of all those things that you were planning on throwing off. Use a wire candle to add a little romantic feel to a night-party, or an age-old clock to give that extra rustic touch. The key is – use things and be creative.
  • Wind Chimes: Nothing like the calm, soothing and lovely sound of a wind chime! They not only look good and give a not-so-damp appearance for you patio, they make for a very wise outdoor space ornament. In fact, if you are up for it, you can make a beautiful one for yourself with the help of hollow bamboo poles, wooden chunks or even with heavy pipes.
  • Handcrafted Goods: What better way to give a rustic look to your patio than by adding a few well-chosen handcrafted items? Make use of all the left over scraps of timber or fiber to make table ornaments and wall plaques. You can make a wooden tray to hand out the drinks, or a handmade bread warmer. If you are not that good at making things yourself, you can always buy stuff at a local flee market, or check out the internet for easy and simple ideas for handcrafted goods.
  • Lighting: The most important part of having a perfect rustic looking patio is the lighting. Go the old school way! Use candles in lovely wire holders or wrought iron frames with iron cups that can hold lighting fixtures. You can place these pretty candles on your verandah, or if there is big tree in your outdoor space, you can consider putting up a few random candles on it, looks good on a lovely soiree.

 Well, these are the basic ideas that can help in giving you that much wanted rustic patio look. However, don’t stop at this, you can add more detail to your patio by getting a garden bridge done or by adding a wine rack, timber shelves with beautiful ceramic statues, bamboo furnishings or if you are a nature lover, add plants. That can be the best rustic look ever! So, put on those thinking caps and imagine what could be the ideal rustic look for your patio. 

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