Rustic Indian: Authentic curry sauces made from scratch


Rustic Indian are a new company making fresh, Indian curry sauces, using healthy ingredients with no added preservatives. The sauces are the brainchild of husband and wife team, Vini and Bal, whose family settled here in Birmingham in the early 70’s.


mapVIni remembers helping both her mother and nana in the kitchen where they used to grind spices with a pestle and mortar and make mini chapattis with smiley faces on them. As an adult, she started making up her own recipes and sauces, and began by adding them to fresh meat and vegetables for healthy and nutritious meals during the week. She then started to share them with a wider circle of friends and business acquaintances. Everybody wanted to know where they could get these tasty sauces! It was then she realised we could re-create Indian home cooking right in her own kitchen.

It was the first week in June 2011 when she finally decided to make my sauces commercially. And the sauces are worlds apart from the commercially mass produced, preservative filled jars we see in supermarkets across the UK.

The sauces come in four flavours, Tharka, a deep spicy sauce, Jeera, a warming flavour, Shahi, a tomato based sauce, and Fiery Mirchi, the hot one. The sauces are available at these outlets listed here – http://www.rusticindian.com/stockists and cost £3.79 each.

tharka_cut_02Tharka Sauce

A traditional base for most Indian Curry dishes. Tharka means seasoned, We caramelised the main ingredients and added the finest blend of aromatic spices, warmed together to create this great tasting sauce for you to enjoy the perfect curry. This sauce is spicy…rich in flavour and will totally heighten those taste buds.

jeera_cut_02Jeera Sauce

A traditional base for most Indian Curry dishes. Jeera often referred to as cumin has a very distinctive strong spicy aroma to it. The flavour is slightly earthy and warm. Which makes it an absolute delight to cook with chicken, red meat or seafood.

shahi_cut_02Shahi Sauce

Shahi (meaning royal) is a great all round sauce which can be used to cook Indian curry and is also great as a marinade for all meats, seafood, vegetables for barbecues or a roast. Shahi sauce has its origins in the Mughlai cuisine of the 16th century and is a traditional tomato based North Indian dish.

mirchi_cut_02Fiery Mirchi

The word Mirchi means chilli. Add a little spice to your life because this sauce encapsulates the aromas of a traditional Indian curry. It will set your palette on fire. However you will not be able to stop until this mouth watering curry has been completely devoured!

For more information visit Rustic Indian, or if you wish to stock the sauces, you can drop Vinni and Bal an email at info@rusticindian.com

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