Rustic Decor as the Perfect Interior Fashion Trend for Any Home

It does get quite boring to conform yourself to just one style statement. Many people when it comes to the choice of home décor don’t want to feel restricted by the type of furniture they choose or the way the walls are painted. There is a way to bring in a cozy and comfortable look that can be pulled off no matter what colors ignite your walls; it is rustic décor that helps you do so. It is understandable that rustic décor is now one of the top trends as it is not only economical and practical but also quite unfussy.

The fringe benefits

If you’ve already planned your room for country or contemporary style, don’t worry about colors to paint on the walls. The rustic look makes plain walls and uncarpeted floors look classy. If you like those bare floorboards don’t cover them up with rugs as a bit of polish and a few rustic pieces in the room will make bare boards stylish.

It is also great for outdoor areas as the appeal of wood with its warm hues needs no ornamentation. Benches and old chairs that are repainted with some patterns of flowers or leaves should work well. Wooden swings and wicker work hampers can be used not only to add to the effect but hold your knick-knacks too.

Warming it up

Pine furniture has an old world charm to it. If you don’t want to buy new pieces, some old furniture could be used after brushing it up a bit. Add a mix of colored cushions for a softer feel. Old styled lamps and muslin curtains add to the mystery and if you are a fan of outdoor picnics, patio furniture set makes an ideal setting for a picnic lunch or garden party. In case you are interested in the minimalist look, its fine to pair it with rustic furniture as you only need a few central pieces and not the whole room coordinated.

A solid pine farmhouse table is a furniture piece that simply can’t be done without as not only does it have a country feel but also works on the family theme. Deep hued furniture and benches instead of chairs too look fine. Matte finishes are preferable.

Think color

If you are interested in only a few rustic motifs or some quaint pieces, try experimenting with shades of brown, green and soft gold. Instead of a metal nameplate, go in for a wooden one. Invest in a large dressing table mirror with a barn wood or iron frame and have a stool with a pure white lace cushion on it near your dressing table. Fresh flowers are ideal and so are nature pictures or simply throw open windows and keep a range of potted plants on the sill.

If you want to have the walls painted to suit this look, think of muted earthy tones like greens and browns as well as tan colors. Hanging lights and animal knick-knacks too are great accessories as also strategically placed wicker baskets.

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