Rug Art: Our new interior design craze!

If you have always admired a famous artist, and hung prints of their works of art on your walls, you might be interested to learn that Zaida, a company renowned for creating beautiful rugs from iconic paintings, have a new collection of abstract art rugs for sale. Established since 1996, Zaida has perfectly combined the beauty of Kashmir with the art world into their rugs and cushions. When they married each other, the founders, Maria and Isaq, brought together the artisan talent of Kashmir and the ability to translate that into timeless designs, inspired by nature, art and love. The result is an amazing fusion of East and West.

Zaida takes the traditional art of Kashmir’s crafts, and infuses it with a modern uptake on some favourite old classics. All items are made by well-respected, talented artisans in their own homes in rural areas of southern Kashmir. Here at Shoppersbase, we think that Zaida’s exquisite designs have helped bring a dying craft back to life. The artisans who make these rugs use chainstitch as a method of surface embellishment. This is because the stitching forms flowing lines thus mimicking drawing in threads. Naturally dyed wools are locally sourced and hand worked into 100%pre-shrunk cotton canvas. The result is a work of great quality and lasting beauty.

What we also love about Zaida is that the company practices the principles of fair trade and ethical management in every aspect of their work. All artisans are members of a trade association that monitors their working conditions and how they are paid. At no stage in production are children involved in the process. The whole Zaida family relishes working with designs that are unique, fresh and fabulous. Zaida is proud to announce that their products are now available at the exclusive Lane Crawford Store in Hong Kong. We’ve chosen our favourites from their abstract collection, see what you think:

Zaida Miro Carnival Red Rug – £174.98 – £262.67 (Varies with options)

Zaida Kandinsky Squares Rug – £174.98 – £262.67 (Varies with options)

Zaida Klimt Tree Of Life Rug – £262.67

Zaida Klimt the Embrace – £262.67

Zaida Louise Rug – £174.98

Zaida Klimt Peacock Rug – £174.98 – £262.67 (Varies with options)

Zaida Miro Clown Rug – £174.98 – £262.67 (Varies with options)

Photographs copyright of Zaida.

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