Top Ten RSPCA Christmas Gifts for the Animal-Lover in Your Life

This is the perfect time of year to give thoughtful gifts to our loved ones. The RSPCA has come up with some amazing gifts for the animal-lover in your life. As there are so many, we have picked the top ten RSPCA gifts:

Crystal Radiant Angel: £19.99

RSPCA Christmas Gifts

Created using the finest rainbow Swarovski crystals, this hanging decoration would look beautiful in a window where it would catch the light.

Doggy Love Hot Water Bottle: £6.99

RSPCA Christmas Gifts

We all know someone that is always cold. treat them this Christmas to a snuggly hot water bottle and help the animals at the same time.

Pawsome Odd Socks: £13.49

RSPCA Christmas Gifts

This novelty gift is sure to raise a smile. In the pack are six odd socks to mix and wear making up to 15 different combinations. Size fits a 4-8.

Glass Friendship Heart: £12.99

RSPCA Christmas Gifts

What better way to celebrate a friendship or love than this pretty hand-blown glass heart? Glassblowers would make these at the end of their shift with the last pieces of glass to hang in their loved one’s windows. Presented in a gift box.

Winter Village Candle: £19.99

RSPCA Christmas Gifts

Isn’t this pretty? Inside this gel candle nestles a wonderful Christmas winter village covered in snow. Burns for approx. 24 hours.

Jute Cat Nap Bag: £5.99

RSPCA Christmas Gifts

We are all being told to reduce plastic so this jute bag is going to be a big hit for anyone who is concerned about climate change and wants to do their bit for the environment.

Raining Cats & Dogs Umbrella: £8.99

RSPCA Christmas Gifts

A compact umbrella with a cute picture of cats and dogs encased in raindrops. It is sturdy, made from carbon-fibre and ideal for your handbag or rucksack.

Decorative Dog Cushion: £17.99

RSPCA Christmas Gifts

A perfect gift for any dog-lover. This canvas cushion measures 360 x 50 x 470mm.

Emma Bridgewater 2020 Diary: £9.99

RSPCA Christmas Gifts

What is an ideal standby gift for the odd unexpected person that comes to dinner? A diary of course and this one from Emma Bridgewater is perfect.

Ginger Cat Chalkboard: £9.99

RSPCA Christmas Gifts

Do you have a friend or family member that loves practical gifts? Then they will really like this chalkboard. Hang it in the kitchen where they can write reminders or shopping lists.


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