Royal Doulton Bulldog Jack sold out as Bond fans snap them up for Xmas

Royal Doulton Bulldog Jack

If the world is not enough for some people at Christmas (see what I did there?), they have probably already bought the cute china dog that sits happily on M’s desk, in the new 007 James Bond movie – Skyfall. For sales of this iconic pooch have been so high that Royal Doulton report they have sold out before Christmas, and are unlikely to get more stock in time for present buying.

Royal Doulton

A note on their website alerts Bond fans that due to the high volume of sales they are now out of stock of this item and they expect more stock to be in by February 2013. The pooch, called Bulldog Jack, is one of a range of Royal Doulton china dogs which also include Bulldog Patch and Bulldog Alfie. But as Bulldog Jack was the only one that had a place on M’s desk in the Skyfall movie, and comes in a box with iconic Skyfall and Bond images, fans of the film have been buying it up in droves.

Royal Doulton Bulldog Jack

And as is the case with anything that has sold out and is now unavailable, some fans are looking to ebay in an attempt to source a dog before Christmas and are paying way over the original asking price of £50, with some auctions up to £200 and over.

The cute bulldog makes his appearance in the Skyfall movie in several scenes and actually becomes a key plot device. Now that the film is on general release, the bulldog has sold out on Royal Doulton’s website and the firm is now up against time to produce more.

You can register your interest for Bulldog Jack and be in the queue for more stock by going to this site – uk.wwrd.com.

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