Royal Collection releases Gifts celebrating Princess Charlotte

She was only born two days ago, but the Royal Collection has already revealed their official range of commemorative chinaware and gifts, all celebrating the birth of the royal new baby.

Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, was born on Saturday at 8.24am. But she is already being tipped as the billion pound baby, and estimated to be worth £150 million a year to the British economy.

Royal Baby Plate for £45

Royal Baby Plate – £45

Experts state that her older brother, Prince George, has already managed to bring in around £247 million into the country after he was born.

However, with fashion endorsements, little Princess Charlotte could well have a larger impact on the world, and if anyone is in any doubt just look at her mother.

Royal Baby Tankard - £39

Royal Baby Tankard – £39

Fashion consultant and author Patricia Davidson spoke to The Daily Mirror:

“When Kate buys dresses for her daughter, other people will follow suit – just as they copy what Kate wears.

“She won’t just be affecting sales of children’s clothes. With the new arrival, people are very happy so they will go out and spend money.”

The Royal Collection Trust has unveiled their attempt at cashing in on Princess Charlotte, with a range of new baby memorabilia.

Royal Baby Coffee Mug - £19.95

Royal Baby Coffee Mug – £19.95

The items in the range include a Royal Baby Plate for £45, a Royal Baby Tankard for £39, a Royal Baby Pillbox for £29, a Royal Baby Coffee Mug for £19.95, a Royal Baby Velvet Cushion for £95, and a Limited Edition Teddy Bear for £95.

There are less expensive items, such as hanging unicorns and rocking horses and cot decorations.

Limited Edition Teddy Bear - £95

Limited Edition Teddy Bear – £95

All of the Royal Collection trust items have a lion and unicorn motif which is taken directly from the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom. They also include a design of oak leaves, which feature on the Middleton family crest, complete with the Cambridge ducal coronet.

The items in the range are designed with gold trimmings, with the chinaware manufactured in bone china and finished with a 22 carat burnished gold edging.

Royal Baby Velvet Cushion - £95

Royal Baby Velvet Cushion – £95

The princess’s name was revealed yesterday, with diehard Diana fans thrilled at the inclusion of her name. The full name of the princess is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. It is thought that the Elizabeth is a direct nod to Prince William’s grandmother, the Queen, who the prince greatly admires. The Diana is obviously in reference to his mother.

Carole Middleton headed to Kensington Palace today to meet her new granddaughter, and great-grandmother, the Queen also met Princess Charlotte today.

Meanwhile, the Royal Collection Trust are expected to sell out of their new range of baby gifts, with the main consumers coming from the US, other Commonwealth countries and the Far East.

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