Rolex for the Designer You!

The Rolex watch for the stylish you!

The Rolex watch for the stylish you!

The Swiss watch manufacturing company which is widely known for the high-quality, luxury watches is Rolex. These wrist watches are popularly considered to be a status symbol. It can be estimated that there is a production of about 2,000 watches per day with estimated revenue of nearly £1.75 billion! Thereby it makes Rolex the single largest luxury brand in watches. The first self-winding watch was produced by Rolex which had an internal mechanism that coordinated with the movement of the wearer’s arm.

This not only made watch-winding unnecessary but also made time keeping more reliable. Rolex was also the first watch company to manufacture and create the water-resistant wrist watches. Rolex watches are extremely elegant in design, look very classy and thus highly expensive. These designer watches are preferred by and far by celebrities as well as most people who can’t compromise on the price tag for their status! The Rolex watchers are legendary worldwide for its imitable style. A man’s wardrobe can be considered to be incomplete without a proper and stylish wrist watch. The Rolex watches come in an astonishing diverse range of styles and patterns to suit men of all ages!  

Though the Rolex watches are slightly heavy on the pocket, they are worth the supreme fashion statement they exhibit for the wearer. Rolex is also well-known for the production of watches in specific models which are suitable for excessive sports activities such as deep-sea diving or under water diving, mountain climbing, trekking, aviation etc. Rolex watches can be considered as to be integral to grooming. Wrist watches can be considered as a remarkable add-on to anybody’s personality. Rolex watches give you huge variety in terms of the colors, designs, materials and styles which caters to the taste of one and all.

They epitomize not only style and class, but also the impeccable technology used in their manufacture. Ranging from the ones that come in leather straps to those made up of metal straps, there is huge variety for each ones taste. Leather being a strong and durable material and is widely used as a fashion accessory for men be it the wrist watch strap or the belt, wallet, shoe etc. The price range is enticing and definitely worth a good buy. Those of you who can’t afford a high-end expensive Rolex watch but yearn for fashion and want to stand out amongst the crowd, then here is some good news for you! Whatever your price range may be, there is an elegant watch for each one of you to fit in to your style as well as the range. Rolex sells less expensive watches too.

his is under the brand name TUDOR which is sold in most countries around the world. The cheaper ones are also designed these days which looks very elegant and adorable too. It exhibits the same grace and poise as any other high-end Rolex watches do! The reason for the decrease in the price tag is mainly due to the use of less expensive metals and gemstones in the watch manufacture. There are new designs and styles coming up now and then in the spree of designer watches from Rolex. Engraved with bezel, sapphire, rubies, oyster case back, diamonds etc. there is huge variety for you to choose from. Those of you who love the animal prints, there are watches also available in leopard dial and strap set. All the watches are made up of metals which are skin-friendly and don’t irritate the skin. The watches are extremely stylish, rare in beauty and classy in terms of the design execution and techniques. Who doesn’t desire to have the most expensive and rarest designs which all the others will watch and drool over? The blending of the contemporary and classic styles with intricate gemstones being crafted in it creates timeless masterpieces! 

Rolex wrist watches

Rolex wrist watches

Watches from Rolex have been in fashion from a very long time and I am sure that it will remain to be for many more years to come owing to its uniqueness and elegance which attracts everyone towards it! Whether you are on the mountain ranges trekking or on a sophisticated night out or an important business conference, there is a designer Rolex watch for a designer you!  

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