Rodial’s Glamolash thickens and rejuvenate lashes in just 2 weeks!

Well here’s one I missed earlier! For regular Shoppersbase readers interested in our beauty product section, you may have already caught our article on the Top Ten Mascaras for 2013. Here we focused on mascara formulations that instantly enhanced eyelashes, providing both a natural and a full on false lash effect.

Now, the beauty experts at Rodial.co.uk have launched a more long term solution, Glamolash, which aims to not only thicken the lashes, but actually restore thinning ones, and the product has proved to be such a success, that in only one month it has sold over 10,000 tubes.

Rodial Glamolash mascara

Rodial Glamolash

There seems to be a growing trend with mascaras these days, that now favours the more natural look, rather than the false lashes, seen on many a reality TV star. It is this perpetuated image of false lashes that appears to have prompted a backlash against an over-the-top lash look, and Rodial are capitalising on this new style.

A spokesman for Rodial admitted that there is still a market for larger lashes, but commented: ‘Big lashes are back with the likes of Cheryl Cole and Kylie supporting the trend. But a lot of women think false lashes can look unattractive and can certainly age a women.

Our serum provides a natural at home treatment for women of all ages who want to enhance their real lashes with maximum fullness and length.’

And Lou Page, who is a makeup artist to A List star such as Kate Winslet, Mel B and Keira Knightley agrees: ‘The oversaturation of false eyelashes in today’s beauty market has actually made them very unappealing for my A-List celebrity clients.

The unnatural, fluttering, spider effect of synthetic lashes are actually deemed too tacky to be worn to red carpet events. Rather than widening small eyes to make you look instantly younger, false eyelashes actually have an adverse effect on the eyes, weighing them down heavily and aging them.’

Glamolash, priced at £38 per tube, is a serum that the manufacturers claim can thicken and restore the eyes natural lashes, much as hair rejuvenators do for men who suffer from hair loss and bald patches.

Rodial use after two weeks

Rodial use after two weeks

Called Glamolash, the £38 tube of serum claims to thicken and rejuvenate lashes, as many hair growth products do for men with thinning thatches. The high performance lash lengthening serum is designed to transform eyelashes in just two weeks and ingredients include a Peptide Complex, which the makers say is clinically proven to lengthen lashes.

It also contains Wheat Protein to help strengthen, moisturise and condition the hair shafts, and Vitamin B5 which improves the overall gloss and body of the lashes whilst conditioning and hydrating.

Application is easy, you just apply the serum to the upper lash line every evening for two weeks and wait for longer, thicker lashes.

Rodial’s Glamolash is available from Rodial.co.uk and costs £38 for a 7ml tube.

Source: MailOnline

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