Rocking with Electric Guitars

There are names that you will think of when talking about electric guitars and Fender is definitely one of them. The Fender Stratocaster Standard Strat is one of the most budget friendly guitars from Fender, but you should not confuse affordable with cheap. Fender does not know how to make cheap guitars; you will still get the classic fender sounds even with the least expensive of their guitars which this one is not. The design Is classic and can make every guitar player sound his/her best. The look gives you almost a classic 70’s rock feeling. The guitar is a bit heavier than the more expensive models, but that is to be expected and the difference is not much. A great guitar for starters, but experts will also enjoy it. Remember this guitar is cheap for the Fender family, but it is not the cheapest guitar out there. If you were to compare it with guitars in its price range there will be no competition.

If going back to the 70’s is not enough for you then you want to take a look at the Gibson Custom 1957 Les Paul Goldtop VOS Electric Guitar. This guitar will take you back to the first days of rock and roll. This is something you could see Chuck Berry playing. The look is very much vintage Gibson, but the sounds are modern Gibson. You will love the tone in this guitar, you can hold a note for as long as you like. The design is absolutely beautiful. The sounds are clean and hearing it will make you a believer. Whether you are a blues player or an old school rock fan, this guitar will more than top all your expectations. This Gibson Guitar more guitar that you could ever expect for the price; Gibson has us spoiled so we expect that from them.

If you want to talk about beautiful guitars that are not so far out of your budget, you cannot leave out the  Paul Reed Smith Starla Electric Guitar. Paul Reed guitars are always made to have a classic and beautiful style to them. Not even Gene Simmons would have the nerve to break one of these pieces of art. The solid colors are what makes the design come to life; but let’s face it, you do not get a guitar based on just looks, and you should not worry about the performance, the sounds are crisp and very clean. This guitar will help you sound your best at any experience level. The neck is patented for Paul Reed Smith Guitars. The weight is about average, but this guitar is anything but standard. Customers who purchase it will be very happy with their new guitar.

If you are just starting then the Ibanez AF75 Full Hollow Acoustic Electric Guitar will make for the best first electric guitar that you can get. Of course the look and sound are made mostly for Jazz, but you can also rock out some great tunes with this model. The design will also get a lot of positive comments, but the important thing to know is how well the sound matches against other guitars. Tuner stays in place and though it is a basic guitar it does good compared to other guitars that are way up in the price range. Not only will it work perfect for beginners, players with medium experience will also feel no need to rush and upgrade their equipment. The design in a guitar will influence the movement of the player and this guitar allows you to have as much movement as you would like.

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