Could you rock the new Candy Hair Colour trend?

Forget dip-dye ombres, leave autumnal low-lights at the salon, this season it’s all about the new trend of milkshake candy hair colours. Seen on celebrities such as Kelly Osborne, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani, this subtle pastel shade has become a firm favourite of Hollywood’s quirkiest stars, but how easy is this look to pull off?

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Candy colours are typically soft and delicate, and can be very flattering on the right skintone, however, there are a few rules you need to be aware of, before you commit to this style.

Candy colours should always enhance your natural shade, so don’t go for a colour that is too different from your typical hair colour. The candy colour should not mask your own hair colour, and when you first decide to change to this new trend, always go for soft and subtle as you can ramp up the tint when you are more confident.

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And don’t forget that the candy colour trend is not just for blondes; brunettes and redheads can easily rock this look. Take a leaf out of brunette Katy Perry’s book and go for all over smurf blue, whilst auburn hued girls should aim for purples. Blondes of course look great in milkshake pinks.

Katy Perry © Getty Images

Katy Perry © Getty Images

There are also many different ways you can incorporate this new hair trend, from dip-dyeing the tips, adding pastel streaks, or completely covering your hair in cotton candy hues. But you should always make sure your hair cut is up to date and stylish, as it won’t matter how good the colour looks if you are still flicking your Farrah Fawcett Majors hairdo from the late ‘70’s.

Kelly Osborne © Getty

Kelly Osborne © Getty

Kelly Osborne has sported practically every colour under the sun, but she looks great in this lilac hue with a fabulous modern hair cut that compliments it beautifully.

So if you fancy a walk on the subtle shade, you can go all in a la Ms Perry and opt for a one colour complete saturation, where the colour is key and not that subtle. Or for those, to whom the unnatural shades are a little too quirky and weird, try just adding a streak of washed out candy colour to your natural hair shade, as January Jones shows us here.

January Jones © Keystone Press

January Jones © Keystone Press

You can even compliment the dip-dye ombre style of dyeing the ends of your hair with a subtle baby pink, or even a washed out fuchsia. And hitting the catwalks all summer were styles that incorporate the opposite trend of the ombre trend, where colorists started streaking only the top half of the hair with a milkshake hue.

candy hair colour

One basic rule to remember is once you decided to take on a milkshake cotton candy colour, is not to then try and accessorise your whole wardrobe to match the colour. As Pekela ‘PK’ Riley, celebrity stylist and owner of Salon PK in Jacksonville, Florida advise: “Remember, you don’t have to match your clothes to your hair, just wear the color as an accessory for that extra pop! The blocking will go nicely with the flora trend we are now seeing in fashion. And these colors are only going to get bolder as it gets hotter, so we are going to go from lavender to purple.”

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